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My bubble trouble hands

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  • My bubble trouble hands

    These are my bubble hands after 100 $1.50 9 max SNG games. Please tell me what is the conclusion. I wanna fix the problem of course. Tell me how to play them.

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    #1: All in or fold, usually fold. You've played your Blinds, and can usually find 1st in vig with a better chance to steal.
    #2: All in or fold, usually fold. You've got to get thru the entire table to take the blinds, and if called you are usually giving up good equity even if you are ahead. Reserve these sorts of stands for later position, altho at a short handed table it is ok.
    #3: Same as 2.
    #4: All in, let the chips fall where they may.
    #5: Same as 4.
    #6 Same as 5.
    #7: Takes knowledge of the BTN's range. You are short enough to not mind giving up decent equity, but you need to know you are ahead some of the time because he really cannot fold to a shove by you.
    #8: K9 is an ok hand, but a lot depends on how likely this guy is to sheriff lite. If he is quite likely to do so, then rag aces that are ahead of you will call. To stand on K9 here you'd really like to know the BB will fold a least some better hands than yours. It is all in or fold though, no limps.
    #9: Only valuable as a steal hand. Stelaing is fine if the BB will again fold semi tightly, but there is a chance he wakes up with a calling hand. His call range is improtant to know here, so you can guage how likely he may call.
    #10: Same as 7.
    #11: Same as 9.
    #12: Same as 9.
    #13: Terrible call, this is a fold. You hand is almost never ahead, and folding 200 does not materially effect your chance to win this.
    #14: Value shove. You are short enough that you need a race, but sometimes you will be dominated.
    #15: Short enough to see A6 as a value shove hand. A lot depends on how lite the blinds may call though, but this is fine. You get called, and you are in trouble often tho, but that is the risk you take.
    #16: ICM says you arent very far from the #3 stack here so you want to be a bit more careful. If SB limps I see no real problem with a jam, but a jam over a raise is touchy here. I would have prefered to fold a weak A.
    #17: Same as 16.
    #18: Same as 2 mainly. T9 has to get thru the whole table, an there is a ton which might call that is better. No need to do this here.

    For a more in depth look at the various thoughts in the hands, please try to restrict hand posts to 1 or 2 per thread.

    thank you.
    Double Bracelet Winner


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      Thank you very much.



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