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i thought my pfr would fold out small PPs

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  • i thought my pfr would fold out small PPs

    i thought that 6xbb raise pre flop would make the small pocket pairs fold... i was wrong. how big does a pfr have to be? also should i have folded the flop? at worst ithought i was up against a str8 draw and/or over pairs.
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    Hi Bikerzaine,

    When you bet 300 yes it was a 6X raise but...(always a but) it is also a pot size bet (nearly) and when one player calls (the only one who folds) the price as they say is right for smaller pairs to set mine(look to hit flop)


    1. What kind of tornie is this?
    2. what where your villains like (loose, tight, playing lots pots???)
    3. Why oh why do you want small pairs to fold when you have them CRUSHED

    I do agree that you only want one maybe two folks in the pot with you but i have to be honest 4 maaa you are still the fav...

    so you lost this time does not mean you played it wrong...

    Grade b
    I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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      Nope. Besides, why would you want the small pocket pairs, (against which you have over 80% equity!!!!) to fold?? You want them to call and miss the flop as they will 80% of the time! On your stack size you do have to go with AA here. So many worse hands possible. Lots of overpairs, as well as straight draws, flush draws, combo draws, and draws with overs (like ). You just got unlucky. But you do NOT want small pocket pairs folding preflop. You want them missing the flop.
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        I liked the way you played it. With AA, you want small pairs to be in the pot, because they need to be really lucky to beat you.

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          hi guys and thanks for the analysis .sorry or late reply, been helping sister move.
          of course i want small pairs in the pot...don't know what i was thinking but i have seen a lot of small pockets flop sets recently (even had a few myself). As you rightly say oriholic AA wins 80% so they have to lose 20% of the time...i have to learn to accept that.
          Grade b. the tourney was a cheap 25c 90man sng. was new to the table so did'nt have much on the villains except the mp+1 was quite loose pre flop, and i really have no clue as to why i wanted small pairs folding other that what i already said.



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