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Facing River all-in with 2-Pair / Ace Kicker

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  • Facing River all-in with 2-Pair / Ace Kicker

    Hi All This was the 4th hand of last week's Sunday Storm (qualified by satellite) and I would appreciate a second opinion. No reads or prior information on opponents. I have no tournament experience with stacks greater than 2500 chips. I called with my AJ because of position, low call to stack ratio - but didn't want to raise as it's a hand that can get me in trouble. Typically I want to keep the pot small with this hand, but I wonder whether a small raise would have been correct given the size of our stacks in relation to blinds. (Perhaps this caution is due to most of my limited experience in games with 1500 stacks). As it is by not raising the SB and BB now have better odds to call. Flop is okay, but not entirely sure where I stand and with one person to act after me am happy to call. With 3 opponents and an overcard it's quite possible I'm behind. It's checked round on the turn so I bet into the pot, although I confess to an uneasy feeling at this point. I tried to make the bet large enough to discourage flush drawers. I suppose it was strictly, but another caller would have made it more marginal and the implied odds for a caller are probably there. In hindsight a larger bet here would have clarified things. Do I call the all-in with my 2 pair / ace kicker?

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    but didn't want to raise as it's a hand that can get me in trouble
    Usually you want to raise with a hand that can get you into trouble, to try to end the hand before reverse implied odds kick in. Flop call is okay...not good really. It's okay because you have position and a couple backdoor draws to the nuts, but if I'm gonna continue splashing in this pot I think it's gotta be with a raise--floating two players is too hard (and fruitless at this level) Probably should just fold right here. Turn bet is pretty pointless. Basically you're turning your hand with tons of showdown value into a bluff. If you had a hand like , it might be a good spot for a bet, but AJ is a pretty solid hand here that you do not want to get raised off of, and you're being offered a free chance to see the river. River is a snap fold. He has you crushed. Probably like Q7, a flush, or even quads.
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      I'm fine with your play preflop, as you do have a playable and and position.

      The flop is what started to get you in trouble in this hand. The player leading on the flop was NOT the preflop raiser. With that board, they will have a Q or a heart flush draw basically every time. The original preflop raiser also calls before you act too. With 2 already in, your pair of J is not going to be the best hand very often and if it's me, I'm mucking it there. You can call it, but that's only going to be even more trouble on the later streets, especially when the 3rd opp behind you calls.

      Turn: With the others checking, I'm taking a free card there 100% of the time. Betting here will only get called by a better hand. Save the chips and see what happens on the river.

      River: When the player that led the flop bets here, unfortunately, you will basically never have the best hand. They definitely have a Q, possibly QJ for a full house. I wouldn't put them on QQ though, as QQ should have raised preflop, which this opp did not do.

      QJ suited is DEFINITELY in their range though and would make sense for the flop bet, as they'd want to lead out to protect 2 pair.

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        I did fold, so I guess I got something right!

        I understand what you both said - I think many of the issues seem to stem from being too fixated on the quality of my own hand at the expense of thinking of it in the context of the hands of others.

        Thanks very much - that's very helpful / insightful.


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          I havent got much experience with big stacks as well, what i tend to do is just calculate everything back to bb's these numbers dont tend to pass the 50s in mid/late stages.


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            I hate limping AJ pref - RAISE IT. It is not much weaker than AK or AQ so why not (differnece between AK and AJ in UO pot is minimal).

            As played, fold OTF. Our jack is not good, we got only backdoors. Save that 120 chips. We also got a player behind us to act who may do just about anything.

            As played, check the turn. Why on earth and tap-dancing jesus are you betting?



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