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85o BB

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  • 85o BB

    Heres a hand I just played, I get dealt 85o BB which I would not have played if the people in the pot had not limped in. I decided to slow play when I hit trip 8's, and when the T came along on the turn I felt I could be behind and didn't want to risk running into someone holding a 3rd T. I called the bet from the player on my right, as he was raising before me on pretty much every showdown, and I'd won most from him previously he tried to bluff me off. But with this information, maybe I should have raised? I feel I could have played this better.

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    slow play can be a good way to get value, but not if your opponents hit nothing on the board, but if you would of bet on the flop, everyone just folded and the villain would never had made the 2 bluffs.

    Its still nice value for a hand that you went in as a check. Focus on more premium hands to get more value from, look at this hand as an extra.


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      Slow playing requires more than just a good hand. It also requires:

      A) A currently SMALL pot

      That many limpers made the pot a pretty decent portion of your stack.

      B) Little chance a free card may result in you being beaten.

      The 88T flop means quite a few gut shot draws might be in he play range for a limp of opponents, also Ts may be there too.

      C) A strong chance that if you bet, opponents on lesser hands will fold.

      That is pretty much here; you getting a free flop in the BB means you will tend to have the most chance of having an 8. BUT...

      With this many oppponents, you stand a decent chance of being called by lesser hands too.

      In this spot, I'd be prone to lead out on the flop with an 8 no kicker trip hit to be honest. I think there is enough of a chance most times that villains will chance a peel on a straight draw, and may call something like a half pot bet on a T hit too, that I want to ensure I get some extra value in the pot before they are willing to fold. If no one calls the lead I make, oh well, at least is is a somewhat decent sized pot.

      As for your thoughts on the guy who bet into you twice, calling isn't bad here if he is an aggro bluffer. Also, the fact he will tend to bluff at you means your slow play choice is a bit better than least you have your read to think he will try to represent hands he does not have.

      On the under-boat, I do not think you gain any extra value by betting or raising him on either the turn or the river, as he is probably folding bluffs on those streets, and calling or raising a T. Plus, if he is VERY bluff-y, he may not give up his bluff and jam you on the river...that is a bit difficult to call since you hold the under-boat and checked the flop.

      So overall, I think you played this one just fine:

      A) you took a risk on the flop to slow play in hopes of exploiting at least 1 read you had...
      B) that risk you took led to a bad card for you...
      C) but you used your info to NOT muck the winning hand, since you knew the villain left in the pot would try bluffing.

      Doing anything else probably increases your risk of chip loss and doesn't add much of anything (except had you bet the flop) to the value you get here.

      Not a badly played hand at all.
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        I like how you played it. Your opponent did the betting for you. Unfortunately his river bet was a bit small. You probably could raise there to get value from A high and maybe K high hands as well as 99 or weirdly played JJ, but you'd have to know how light he'd call down, as not a ton of good bluff catchers exist here.
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          thanks for the replies everyone



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