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Value for AA?

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  • Value for AA?

    So here I am playing AA in a 10 cents 360 man SNG early stage, I got the max value out of this, but was this the correct way to get max value? Btw I wanted to post a winning hand for once because hand analysis lacks those umbup:

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    Either call or raise solid OTF. I opt to just call to invite an overall from CO since this is a dry board. If you are going to raise, then make it solid 300 or something in that direction.
    As played, OTT just ship it. Don't bother with 300/call crap.


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      I don't see any problems with your bet sizing here Tiber. You flopped top set and gave your opponents good pot odds to stay in the pot. I've always believed that in order to get paid off well in a hand you need your opponents to have strong holdings too and this is exactly what happened here. The UTG player played this very poorly though. He limped with a premium preflop and then became a calling station, unable to let go of the hand despite the over card on the board. The player in the cut off though just ran into your monster and your bet sizing led him to believe he was ahead. Raiser umbup:


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        Again, getting max value really REALLY depends on player specific info on your opponents.

        All the way through this pot I cannot really find fault with your decisions in a general sense in terms of getting good value, but with more specific info o opponents there might have been a better way to ensure that max value.

        As played, when you flop top set, and only a gut shot or a 1 outer has any real shot at running you down, there is not a ton you can do WRONG that is going to cost you the pot. There are things you might do which can cost you max value, but without knowledge of opponents and their tendencies it is hard to say what those might be.

        I will say this though: if you opponents are BAD, the best way to play them will tend to be by betting your monster hands exactly as you normally would.

        In this spot I do not see any reason not to use the line you took as a "normal" value line, so it looks like you did just fine to me.

        Good hand.
        Double Bracelet Winner


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          Really not a fan of the minraise on the flop. Either just call to allow the CO to overcall/squeeze since it looks weak, and allow the donker to continue bluffing the turn, or make a real raise to 300+. Minraise looks strong (or drawy but what draws are there???) and doesn't really get you any value. I don't really mind the turn bet the way you've been playing it, but I still think it needs to be a lot bigger.

          And that player with QQ is terrible.
          4 Time Bracelet Winner


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            You played a hand correct for a change well done umbup:


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              Originally posted by m.bisland View Post
              You played a hand correct for a change well done umbup:
              haha roflmao nice 1 umbup: btw on the min-raise, i didnt wanna raise more because i was afraid of them not calling, and if a minraise looks weak and calls for a overbluff, I get more value right?



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