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risky hand

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  • risky hand

    the poker fish asked me to post this hand, the villain was a loose caller with a big stack. If he has a hand he bets first. Did i make the right play here?

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    Since he is a loose donkey, you can bet much more so i would go in range of 150-180.

    You say that he bets if he has it, so he doesn't have the A here. Let's think for a minut then. We got the best hand - no doubs there. We got two backdoor draws. If he is drawing, then any draw he hits - will give us a draw (either to straight, flush or full boat) so we will be in ok shape. If we bet here and he got complete air, he is folding. I incline to just check here to let push him all-in OTT after he bets.

    As played, ship turn instead of making that weird half-stack bet.


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      your read sounds like they're a calling station that bets when they think they're ahead. I've run into alot of those types.

      I like the preflop raise (I'd make whatever my std raise is, as I would want to conceal the strength of my hand).
      On the flop, like the bet, as you can find out if they have an A (if they raise), or you are getting good value if they don't.
      On the turn, I agree with Puciek that the bet size leaves you with a pretty awkward stack. You really have 2 better choices... either shove, or you could make a thin value bet (say 275-300). If you know they'll raise you if they hit, then I'd probably opt for the thin value bet... looking to then shove the river if they don't raise the turn.
      The river card shouldn't change anything, so if I made a thin value bet on the turn, I'd shove the river.. but with your stacksize after making the larger turn bet, you can check it down... but I'd have still made a value bet.

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        He open limped to start with so I am not going to give him as much credit,unless he has done that with a strong hand past orbits.
        Ace rag,JT and maybe weak pairs. That would be my start point anyways.

        I think what happened is the fish was hoping you would check on the flop or turn and he could steal next street. You bet the turn giving him no way to steal on the river.

        I think though I would have shut down after the flop,actually I know I would have.


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          Already explained by 24325432 other people, POT sized bet. You can bet smaller HU, but in multipot, you raise more.



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