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QQ Early in MTT Play

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  • QQ Early in MTT Play

    In a recent live multi-table tournament, we were in the very early going, about the 10th hand or so. Not much had happened so all 10 players at my starting table still had close to their 500 starting chips. I am dealt QQ in the cut-off position and the blinds are 5/10. A couple of players limp in before me, and I raise to 60. The button sitting next to me calls my 60 and the small blind raises to 120. the three players between the small blind and myself all fold. It is my turn -- what should I do??

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    Firstly welcome to PSO and congrats on your first post. umbup: Your 6 x raise in the cut off is maybe a little high, even though you have good position with a premium holding. The reason I say this it forced the small blind to re-raise to 12 x probably hoping to isolate. (if you raised 3 x maybe he'd have 3bet to 6 x) Your left with a tough decision now to either fold, or to call over a fifth of your stack. I'd still see a flop here though, your in position. umbup:


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      Thanks RR - so I call, button folds and I am heads-up against the small blind. The flop is garbage - 8 5 2 rainbow. Small blind pushes all-in. Foolishly I called, although he's probably only pushing here with KK or AA or AK. He had AA and I had an early exit


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        A 50BB start stack MTT is pretty short.

        When you get a hand like QQ, a premium holding, you have to wonder what is up when you get raised like that.

        Honestly, depending upon how fast the blinds escalate, I am thinking I jam pre flop and let the chips fall where they may. A call is not really a good option though...

        That RR to 120 represented about 24% of your stack, so do you really want to fold that off the 41% of the time at least 1 over card comes and you do not flop a set?

        Because of the fast structure you are going to need to court races earlier, and if in doing so you run into a bigger hand, so be it. There are only 2 hands which have you crushed, and combinatronically there are a lot more ways the villain could have AK/AQ/AJ than KK/AA here, so based on the structure I go for it...

        ...but I am going for it pre-flop.
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          that IS a small stack to start with. If it were up to me, I''m jamming back at them. They've probably got an A or a pair (hopefully not AA or KK).

          If you do a normal raise, say to 360 playing back at them... that's not far from the 500 chips you have, so I'd shove.

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            africa thai



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              I jam it in there.



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