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$2.2 Bubble rush $500K GTD 3 handed $79 on top

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  • $2.2 Bubble rush $500K GTD 3 handed $79 on top

    villain is ABC type of player

    pre -flop standard call still deep
    post-flop opponent checks, he is capable of folding to one bet so I bet to take down the pot
    turn I needed to go for max value because if he has one pair that he like to call or straight draw of flush draw I needed to get the max value
    river I snap and got in love with my 2 pair
    with still 13bb left, should I just folded
    13bb still a lot to play considering this is a 15 minute blind level

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    ABC players are not bluffing,so you most likely facing his value range.

    I don't think ever x/call here a K9 KT type hand,so basically the only combination what beat you is the QJ. But in here also don't think QcJc is just x/calling the flop,with 2 over +fd (tons of equity vs your 9x,in villain place i would definitely attacking this donk with these). And also don't think QJ without any backdoors are floating you (if you say he is capable of folding). So basically the only hand is really a QsJs.

    But because you also seems like rep some 9x hand(and he think you are a weak player and you call with it),i think sometimes ksxs combos are playing like this,so basically that's why i should never fold this.
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      I agree with Taurus... vs an ABC player, we're never ahead here. snap fold for me on the river (playing it the same until then).

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        It’s horrible but it is a fold, the check call check call and lead shove river is a sign of a strongnhand because they are too afraid you would check behind. I would also bet smaller on the turn since you don’t need to bet very much much to get your stack in on the river. Also means you can fold a bit more happily to the lead jam on the river without crippling yourself too much
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