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bad play or did i just level myself here

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  • bad play or did i just level myself here

    was playing in a $1.50 18 seat 9 per table sit n go. Hit the final table with 4 times my starting stack, always nice when that happens. Generally played all the way with 2.5x raises stealing small pots and 3betting occassionally against players i thought were taking liberties out of short stackers. All in all worked out well. Once I made the final table I lost the chip lead and had a couple of 3bb - 5bb loses to the new chip leader and then this hand happened.

    Now, I think I levelled myself here but i'm curious what everyone else thinks.

    My thinking here was that the chip leader (initial bet) was being somewhat aggressive with me more than anyone else so I felt staying out of the way was the best approach. During this hand I had 66 and decided to call his opening 2bet and set mine. When the short stack shoved I wasn't too fussed as i thought the chip leader would just shove over the top which he instead flat called. If he'd have shoved I'd have instantly folded but he called. In my mind I figured his hand wasn't strong enough to justify going all in so he settled to see a flop which meant he had a reasonable hand but not really strong. I was thinking AK as the top end of it all but maybe 10 10 down. Now, I thought about flat calling and just seeing a flop and if the flop was favourable and he checks just shove but then i thought that I would be depending upon a favourable flop which he might even have 77, 88 overpair and call. My logic was that i've already called just shy of 3x 2bet so if i raise all in then it would probably look like i was trap calling with a monster and that the 3bet all in followed by a call and then my shove would look like a monster such as AA or KK so I opted for the shove.

    Now the bit where i think that I've levelled myself here is that I have a habit of confusing better players with the ones that I'm playing against. I'm sure if i'd have pulled that move with more advanced players they would likely have had a good think and folded the AK as losing over 2/3 of a stack when we're still comfortable in the early stages of the final table and a wee while to go before cashing would have been too risky. Again, my mistake for confusing people. As it turns out the guy snap called me without a second thought, so... Did I give the guy far too much credit for thinking about my actions before he acts and therefore level myself, or was this an acceptable move given the circumstances and my meaning to represent a hand much bigger than the one that I actually had.

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    I find it difficult to read hands for review in basic text format. But I like the graphic and did we have 20bb+ pre?

    Back to the SNG format, a $1.50/18 4 paid? FT is short handed to the money like a 50/50. Sorry I don't remember our position call or raise with 66 or if we are 6-max now.

    To see it on repeat we can get a better picture. I can discount reads to play this hand 8 handed and fold. But I am pretty bad on equity sums.

    PS. Sorry an animated .gif image can't be posted here. Got a photo of the Poker Brat getting tricky.

    This could get interesting. Technical puzzle to solve - it's now a mp4 video.

    For my own sanity. I now have a gif copy and a pause button.

    UTG+1 opens 2.5x ish and we HJ flat with 25bb (money) behind. Even with position we are effectively challenging the one other big stack at the table.

    So we see all smaller stacks to act behind us and when the SB shoves? Happy with my fold pre. Even calling pre, never calling a shove that is over called - and do we re-shove?

    Probably butchered this hand with my - "why can't I post a gif image". TILT
    Last edited by ForrestFive; Fri Oct 24, 2014, 09:23 AM. Reason: You can't host an independent animated gif file - security overload


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      Hey, I've played a fair amount of 9man STT's but never 18mans but I would definitely never be calling here.

      The reason for this is that you're pretty much inducing the shorter stacks behind you to shove on you. The original raiser will be getting great odds to go heads up with the short stack and already knows you're hand isn't good enough to shove with so it will be an easy decision for him to shove and get heads up with the short stack for a good price. Even if none of the 4 short stacks decides to shove we just put in 10% of our stack even though we're only flopping a set about one in eigtht times.

      This still leaves folding and 3betting.

      If we 3bet the original raiser will probably fold regardless of the actions of the short stacks since he's been pretty loose and he shouldn't be looking to get in a pot with the other big stack. If we have a tight reputation the short stacks will fold and we win 849 in chips. If one of them calls we will be fighting for a pot of 5k chips despite only having put in 2k our selves which, despite the independent chip model, isn't a bed result either.

      TL;DR: Ship it!


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        The problem with this hand is the initial call of 549. I don't have 15X this amount in everyone's stack, so I can't call to setmine. This means that I either need to raise or fold.

        John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner



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