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2 NL zoom btn vs bb

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  • 2 NL zoom btn vs bb


    i don´t really know, if i played this hand right

    i only had 29 hands on this player, but he had stats like:
    vpip 44
    pfr 37
    3bet 20
    cbet 50

    to the Boomplayer


  • #2
    I would have put him in on the turn. I might have raised a little bigger pre if he is defending wide and often, but I like the 2.5x for the most part.
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    • #3
      the only two value hands he has on the turn is K4 and K9 the rest of his range are worse aces and semi bluff imo. he never has AK or KK because he 3 bets those hands pre so the turn is the decision point and with his stats my chips are going in the middle.
      Tournament of Champions Winner 2014

      4 Time Bracelet Winner


      • #4
        A LAG opponent means that you will have to pay him off sometimes. I think you played it well but the call on the river depends on the history that you have with this player.
        If you think that he's capapble to bluff so big or he he would make this play with AJ or less then you must call. The fact is that if he had an Ace at all he propably would have 3bet preflop so when I see a minraise no the turn I put him on a flush draw (diamonds) with a pair of 9's or he has a monster like a set of 4's or 9's or just K9 or even K4.
        The river is a 3 of diamonds and is a very bad card but actually the fact that it's a diamond is good for you because it gives you the oportunity to fold.

        You can't beat many hands that show this kind of aggression at these spot and the fact that you can't put this guy on a specific range makes the decision even more dificult than it is. So all come back to players and you have to ask yourself if he would bluff so big at this spot.

        Of cousre this opponent seems to play even worse that I think he would but in general is ok to fold top pair sometimes against a check/raise on the turn, most people don't bluff as much on the turn like he did and with this kind of hand you will usually be behind when all chips get in the middle.

        Of course in zoom the only thing that you have is his stats because you don't see how he plays against other players... we can't have it all!



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