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  • 2NL

    Don't have any read on Villian_8 as he had just joined the table, although it was a full ring table only 6 active players at this point. 10h Qd in the BB I know this is not a hand to normally play but for most of the players at the table I had a solid but aggresive image I think as everytime I had gone top showdown I had held the nuts. Also felt it was a good hand to defend my blind. Villian_8 bet 3BB in the CO SB folds I call. Flop comes 10c 5d 8c giving me TPGK but putting a flush draw on the board so I bet out with 50% pot for 7c, villian calls. Turn comes 6d putting the diamond flush draw out there too, I again bet for 50% of pot, villian raises to 47c. I consider what he may be playing and don't have him playing 7/9 he could be playing 2 pair maybe 5/6 but don't think he would have opened pre flop with 5/6. So suspect he is either playing a pocket pair but not convinced he is holding 10's 55 or 88 so most likely on a flush draw possiblt clubs but most likely diamonds so I call. River comes 5s giving me 2 pair but not sure what to do here as both flush draws busted, decide to check and if he is on a busted flush draw see if he bets into me. He bets out 66c which is over half pot, this left me with a dilema as there were a few hands that had me beat but ruled out 10's 88 or 55 as he just called the flop. So he could still be holding something like 66 and he had raised the turn. I decided to make the call He turned Kd 9d so at the turn he had got a flush draw and a gutshot straight draw. The question is was I right to make this call with no real read on this player? Should I have bet bigger on the flop to have pust him off the pot for the flush draw?

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    I currently play 5NL so I'm not sure how people play at 2NL, probably it's similar. Anyway what I think you did bad was boosting the size of the pot when playing OOP, it led you to some hard decisions on later streets.
    You say you don't give him credit for opening with 56, but he may also have had T8, 86 and I think it's very possible having in mind that he opened from late position.
    In conclusion: I wouldn't boost pots OOP with vulnerable hand. I would have folded the turn, knowing that I might face a huge bet on the river while possible being behind already on the turn.


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      If it's me, I'm either 3-betting or folding it preflop. If the opp is loose, I'd consider 3-betting but against an unknown, I'm must going to let it go.

      John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner



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