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2nl 6 max reg

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  • 2nl 6 max reg

    Do we always have to go for the value raise on the river? Should we be calling the reraise? No real history on the villain.

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    Originally posted by The Germ21 View Post
    Do we always have to go for the value raise on the river? Should we be calling the reraise?

    I think it's just a call on the river. I'm not sure what he can call our raise with that we are beating. Maybe JJ? It's unlikely. Also, I don't know if this guy was really considering what I'm about to say, but when I first saw that tiny bet on the river it set off a little red flag because the guy knows that on the flop we raised up his tiny bet so it looks like a sort of inducing bet to me. Maybe he wasn't really considering this, I dunno. It's especially odd because he bet larger on the turn.

    When he re-raises us all in then there is nothing he has that we are beating unless he is just a crazy maniac or on mega tilt or something in my opinion.



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      I agree with tyirl that the 10 cents OTR looks very suspisious. His line looks very stong tbh so this 10cents bet looks more like an invitation than a valuebet or bluff.

      But If I would raise otr, I would shove. You leave 63 cents behind, thats silly.

      If you fold his reraise, you should never have raised in the first place. You are very potcommited after your raise.

      Still calling the 10cents may cost you some value, but saves you a lot if he have you beat.


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        Don't like the villain. Donks flop small into us the 3bet aggressor calls the raise. Turn, again leads and we don't raise here. Not much we can do now.

        rkleefstra & Tyirl are on this better than me.

        Maybe it's just I tilt with villain's like that and raise them big again on the turn.

        Oh J9, hope and pray 4 outs on the turn.
        Last edited by ForrestFive; Sun Oct 26, 2014, 03:40 AM.


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          Thanks for the comments guys. I was struggling to put him on a hand, agree with what you said about the call.



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