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2NL 6max Zoom SB vs BB: 8h5h

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  • 2NL 6max Zoom SB vs BB: 8h5h

    Hi guys, having a bash at 2nl Zoom. The villain in this situation was an unknown. Here I am sat in the SB with a hand that I should try and steal with. If called I still can hit a wth a straight draw and flush draw. Here I am raised 2 times my bet, and being the weak tighty that I usually am I would usually fold - which I think is a mistake. This is why - I think??? Once villain raises me, the pot is now 18 cent. I have to call another 6 cent. So the pot odds that are being laid to me are 3:1 or I need to have at least 25% equity to call this. Assigning villain a range say vs a unknown TT+, AQo+, AJs+. Even a tight range like this Hero 8h5h vs Villain TT+, AQo+, AJs+ Hero 30% vs 70% equity (roughly) Even if I assign him a range like QQ+, AK+ I still have around the same amount of equity Now I am not sure what to do postflop? I want to develop my postflop skills more and so starting to make looser calls i.e. seen more flops and hopefully make less postflop mistakes than the average 2nl 6max zoom villain. Cheers, Mattumbup:
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    What info do you have on the opp, especially 3-bet % out of the blinds?

    In a vacuum with no reads, I need to fold this to the 3-bet preflop. No problem opening it as a steal, but when I meet resistance, I need to fold it as my hand is not good.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Hi John,

      Thanks for the input. The situtation with me at the moment is that I am trying to open up my game more, and improve in marginal situations, etc.

      I find in zoom I hardly ever have info on villains and I am folding a ton. I felt at the time, that if villain is holding say KK or AA or AK, if I hit my flush on the turn I felt that maybe against the Average villain he would spew his chips or give up and I take down a nice pot. Here I am basically only playing for the flush or straight possiblities and checking down with my weak pair which could be good if villain didn't improve with his overpair.

      John, is possible to elaborate a bit more based on equities etc, as I do want to make the best decisions.





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