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5nl - Steal from co with J8s oops btn calls and the bb...

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  • 5nl - Steal from co with J8s oops btn calls and the bb...

    Post title is the pre flop line, then flop J62r.

    I think it's a check with top pair into 2 players. The button has yet to act, now bets a nice size. Like it, that's my bet a bit over 1/2 pot.

    We didn't cbet as the aggressor pre. Like you hit your A/K etc.. Don't do it all the time.

    So is the villain betting a Jack Broadway seeing weakness or slow over pair in a 3bet range?

    I thought this hand would take one sentence to explain.

    Now check through turn 4, river we trip Jacks against any better kicker. Nice hand Mr 66-22. No value lead betting river... As we all say "what worse calls" - or not.

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    Pre flop steal attempt is fine. Not a great result when the button decides to flat since you wont be in position post flop. BB comes along probably has a wide range after BU calls.

    On the flop I understand the idea that if someone else has a J then their kicker is almost always better, but on the other hand some villains might want to peel with some suited broadways. Maybe 77-TT or 6x will want to call once especially A6. Might want to charge these kinds of hands to draw. On the first hand perhaps checking with TP here could be a good thing if we go to showdown then people can't think that we never have anything when we don't c-bet. If we check then certainly wouldn't want to fold to just one bet unless they bet something ridiculous.

    On the turn it's a safe looking card. After check/calling the flop it would be kinda odd to lead out on this turn card. I'm happy to see BU check behind.

    On the river I think it becomes one of those bet/fold situations. Maybe something like 40 to 50 cents? If you bet and get raised then I think we fold to the raise. You may get value from 77-TT, or perhaps even some 6x. Some stations may even call with A high. I think villain will just check behind with these kinds of hands most of the time. I'm not sure what to do if we check and he bets like 60 cents. Do we just fold because any J he has would be better than ours and sets became boats or call off because we think he just floated the flop with KQ of spades type hand and he wants to try to take it down since we haven't shown any strength?

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      Hi Tyirl,

      It's the villain's lead out when we check flop, I'm not quite a believer to any re-draw and on the turn. Again you get it spot on the small pairs 77+ up to maybe a btn 3bet range.

      We do get a nice river to trip, but we can be still out kicked. So a river bet can have value here against an horrible bluff raise. Then that gets too complicated on the combos in their bluff range and not many boats are floating.

      *** SUMMARY ***
      ForrestFive showed [Jd 8d] and won ($0.93) with three of a kind, Jacks
      Player 3 mucked [7s,7h]


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        If this is zoom, opening J8s is pretty loose from CO imo. On regular tables and with the proper villains in the blinds it could well be.

        As I am the aggressor in the hand, I would always cbet this flop. You will be called by enough hands worse than yours. better hands might call too, or raise.
        If they raise, we have an easy fold.

        As played, I would certainly not assume we are up against J higher kicker. any pocketpair, any 6x, Jx, or 2 x would prob take a shot at this pot. I know I would if the aggressor checks to me.

        Check OTT is pretty standaard. Keep it as small as possible OOP.

        OTR, I would value bet. I don't really believe he has a (better) J when he checks the turn. I think we could get value of 77+ that don't believe we have a J now a second J drops the river. AK-Aq might call, 2 pairs (including QQ+) will call so I believe you lost quite a bit of value.

        If you lead out OTR and he raises big (or shoves), I prob fold.



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