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JJ's played too long I think

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  • JJ's played too long I think

    Pocket J's in the CO, 3 limpers before me so I bet 6x BB BB raises 43c probably should have folded to this cbet as villian had following stats VP15/PF15/AF6.0 although this was only over 20 hands so not garanteed to be accurate. I called and flop couldn't have been any worse As Kc 7s so flush draw out there and two overcards to my pair and both within OP's range OP bets about 1/2 pot and I call. Turn gets worse when another Ace comes OP checks so I check behind as I suspect I am way behind here. When the river comes it gets far worse with the Qs completing any spade flush draw and any 10J straight draw and 3 overcards to my pair. OP goes all in so I fold. Question is should I have got out of this sooner, like folding to the flop bet??

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    fold flop.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Agree with John on the flop.

      At these stakes to go for a re-raise and stack off pre, you could be good. HUDs and 15/15(20) sample is not enough and AF post flop irrelevant? With my bad hat on: to suggest getting the money in pre, maybe?

      With my good hat on: JJ are an over pair to play to the board. The price you call the 3bet pre, 31c to set mine still isn't looking good. So to cover/effective needs $3.10 for 10-1, I'm looking for more implied odds ($4.50 deep).

      I don't know how my devil stacks off pre and the angel says - stop do you want to see a Jack or A/K/Q.
      Last edited by ForrestFive; Sat Oct 18, 2014, 07:47 AM. Reason: it was 31c call $3.10 - $4.50 deep



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