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Pocket aces slow played badly

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  • Pocket aces slow played badly

    I played the micro cash tables, was doing well, had my third pair of aces, the first two I bet 3BB and gained the blinds. I thought I would slow play these ones. Overjoyed at the ace on the flop and dismayed by the diamonds. Thinking what could the possibility that he has 2 diamonds? He bet confidently, he had folded to reraises before. So when he raised the turn I thought he had the flush, but couldnt lay down the aces !! I know I should have, but .... So the question was, whats the best way to play it in hindsight (excluding the 3BB initial bet). Check and call ? When would I lay it down ? In the future how do I spot this earlier and how can I lay down big trips ?

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    Hi Duskra,

    Pre flop, it's not slow play to raise a 1 pair hand. You have players to act behind you. The early position utg open raise is perceived strong to the other players - "if they have a clue" unfortunately not at the lower stakes.

    My preference is to get Head's-Up with a one pair hand to the oop raiser and not have the potential to let it go muti-way.

    Flop, Yikes - work on how our hand can improve? It's a 3 flush board. I raise the flop, bet now (get it over) PSO people don't like this line. I don't want to be committed by the turn / river cards - no.

    As played raising turn, is more expensive. Re-wind to why raising the flop is (PSO opinion) bad? Well we lose value from worse hands. So now as played we got value form worse hands by calling flop. NOW to the turn - so what turn card seeing the flop will improve our hand?
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      Looked at the showdown. OK the villain had Kd and flops the nuts. So we probably stack off with top set on the flop by raising. I don't know if mathematically knowing just one card Kd we can be flipping. The odds of flopping a flush (2 flush hole cards) are big so can't be results orientated - it happens. How to get away from top set? I'll stop rambling now. umbup:
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        [not seen hand play out, and not read ForrestFive's posts]

        Flatcall with aces in MP position is, in my opinion, never a good idea. A UTG-open is often strong, 3bet ! if he has kk or QQ this pot is going to be massive and you have the best starting hand. Plus if you flatcall, others might want to join in because of potodds. you dont want a multiway pot with aces!

        If your aces don't get any action it's a shame but be patient, don't start to do things out of line.

        I think I would raise on the flop to 50-60-ish, to target the draws. If eighter villain1 or villain5 3bets, I would call. You have 34% if he has a made flush, all other hands are way behind. If both shove, I'm 100% sure I'm behind but would still call because of potodds.

        As played, I don't like the raise OTT. It's too small. You give him odds to call with a draw, and if he has a set he will call anywhere so make it bigger. If he shoves, I'm prob gonna give up at this point.
        But why raise in the first place? After you call flop, I see no value in raising OTT. Just call and hope to boat up or get to a free showdown.

        [Seen hand]
        Raising pre would prob prevent him to call him with such a weak holding... or maybe not.

        Read ForrestFive's opinion, and it looks like we are on the same page


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          Thanks for the input guys I agree with both of you I was "experimenting" having seen aces slow played on pokerstars on TV.

          I would have 3x villain 5 bet if I was playing normally, but given his hand and the micro stakes, I think he would have played his hand as aggressively to get into the pot. So we may have been pot commited or all in anyway.

          The flush worried me and the the raise OTT was "if he calls or reraises - I should fold" running through my head, but I kept running through the probabilities of winning with trips versus a flush. I still had several outs on the river to pair up on the board (Kd excluded) still gave me roughly 18% chance to catch the boat (quads).

          In retrospect, a check call on the turn, and a check fold on the river if I didnt catch an out, may have been a more conservative play, perhaps losing the least while sticking with the play.

          I am still learning the betting strategies, only been playing a couple of weeks, but its all very interesting.



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