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2nl - utg min open, we call bb K6s - lost value by raising the cbet

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  • 2nl - utg min open, we call bb K6s - lost value by raising the cbet

    Seeing an unknown no reads, opens utg 4cents. Well only 2cents to call it's cheap with Kc6c this could go bad oop. Do we ever fold a suited King.

    Standard cbet from our villain. So to "game flow" betting line check to raiser, flop K84 (8h4h and Ks) - well we are stuffed now. Top pair bad kicker no clubs.

    Just auto raised the cbet to push them off their hand. Thinking do we lose value by doing that on the heart draw out kicked on the King?

    Ok, we can fold to any raise on 44/88 nut draw - if we think they have it! But that's small #combos then add AK+, get it over quick or lose value at 1c/2c by raising the villain on the flop?

    Just blogging after, bad brain dump.
    Last edited by ForrestFive; Wed Oct 15, 2014, 09:32 AM. Reason: raising on the flop is probably bad

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    Calling 2 x with K6s in the BB can't be a bad thing. Raising the flop is. You raise to get this over, that should never be a reason.
    You could well have the best hand here and if not, you loose extra value by raising.
    He might call with an underpair or a FD but will you be certain enough about your hand to withstand any heat on further streets with such a bad kicker?

    I would check-call OTF and prob OTT unless an ace drops or we improve. If he barrels 3 streets, I'm folding river.


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      I think the hand is just bad, to be honest. I don't like calling an UTG raise with K6s, we don't flop anything worthwhile enough of the time. Even if it is just 2c extra to go.

      Raising gets action from better and worse folds to the flop raise.

      Just call flop, if you're ahead he might still bluff or value bet worse, but your hand isn't that great of a value hand.



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