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10nl sb Js9s - I'm beat - it has to be? Bet fold river or check call _ mind the gap

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  • 10nl sb Js9s - I'm beat - it has to be? Bet fold river or check call _ mind the gap

    Please don't tell me about auto top up. It was nearly banned by legislation.

    Risks need to be re-asserted when mistakes are made. I missed the gap on the river - like a London tube station announcement "mind the gap".

    I messed up, we block the Js & 9s but didn't see the "wood for the trees". So bet river for value or check call?

    Getting told off again for checking the nuts. No excuse, just didn't see K5.

    Last edited by ForrestFive; Mon Oct 13, 2014, 07:35 AM. Reason: block both spades

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    You realise you have the absolute nuts on that board don't you?

    Why would you ever, ever, bet fold?


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      Dude you have a straight flush.


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        Hi ForrestFive,

        I don’t like that call, you won’t hit anything most of the times and when you do hit something you will be dominated and oop.

        Besides that, you might be raised by the bb or mp and you will need to fold.

        Nothing you can do here but to check/fold.

        I think I like the bet here, but keep in mind that they might not fold a ten, a queen or a draw so the chances of you getting called are big.

        That was just the perfect card for you, you can’t check here.

        The reason you can’t check is that there is weaker hands that will call you, but at the same time they are too weak to value bet. e.g. some two pairs, queens, weak aces, etc...

        Hope I could help you, good luck in your next hands!


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          Hi forrest,

          First I think this is a clear fold preflop. It's a 3-bet pot, we are out of position to both raisers and don't close the action so it could even be raised again. I wouldn't mind peeling the flop here if we were very deep stacked, but starting with 80bb effective with the 3-bettor I don't think there's any way to make this call profitably.

          Flop and turn play are good. I like betting the turn as it's very reasonable for us to have a big ace (AK/AQ) given the preflop action, and we have turned a lot of equity vs. better hands.

          River is a clear bet imo, we have the nuts with many worse hands that can call a bet, but won't bet themselves. We lucked out that he made a huge hand himself and, figuring it was good when we check, made a big bet for us. It would be a shame to lose value from 2 pair or Ax by not betting.

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            Thanks guys,

            Yes as I said, I didn't see what I had. Leading the turn was bluffing the As. It wasn't believed, so when the flush came in thought we were Q high.

            Complete Muppet in calling anyway, by then thinking I was being bluffed not seeing the nuts. Looking back at the hand, thought I'd give you guys a laugh.

            Well that's after calling my stack off with A5 to Andy yesterday in a PSO home game. Didn't even look at the screen name until after the fact. Just clicking buttons across different tables, not thinking.



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