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NL2 zoom lucky hand

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  • NL2 zoom lucky hand

    Can you please let me know your opinion about this hand? I was pretty uncertain about it and as it turned out I was really lucky with the river.
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Thank you in advance , Daniel
    Last edited by TiltBeater; Sun Oct 12, 2014, 12:57 PM. Reason: forgot the hand itself

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    I feel like the donk bet gives information away about your hand, without getting any worthwhile value; the bet is too small - you should be looking at 2/3 or 3/4 pot. I would check to the raiser and let someone bet their ace. A free card doesn't seem too dangerous.

    After the flop raise, I'm still thinking I'm good (far more Ax than pockets) so I'd be wondering if it's better to call and keep villain 3 and 4 in or go for a value raise. I'm not so sure - it's not a drawy board so you're probably way ahead or way behind. However you don't have a monster either so narrowing the field may not be bad. Would be interesting to see other people's thoughts. I think a raise might be slightly better considering you get fold equity too, even against hands you may be beating but still have pot equity.

    I'd edge towards leading the turn, you've bet and called a raise so you can't conceal that you like your hand, so I'd bet for value. I think you were just destined to lose your stack. I couldn't walk away no matter how much strength he showed raising into 3 opponents (which definitely will mean a big hand most of the time).


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      Hi TiltBeater,

      I don’t like your flat call here, your hand doesn’t do good agains’t an utg open, and when you hit your ace, you will often be dominated and oop, beside the fact that the big blind could decide to squeeze.

      As played, I don’t mind donk betting in this spot because despite the fact that your hand is good now, it can get complicated to play it if an jack, queen or king hit the turn.

      If you do decide to donk bet, you shouldn’t do it that small, you are playing a multi way pot and you are getting paid by any ace in this stakes, beside the fact that you don’t want to give good odds for your opponents to call you with worse hands and beat you in future streets. Besides all that, you are playing oop so you can make the bet even bigger to your opponents as they are playing ip against you.

      You should also consider check raising in this spot.

      After you donk bet, you get raised, and you decided to just call. I would prefer to raise in this spot, because you do get paid by worse. And remember, there is scary cards that can hit on the turn... (J,Q,K)

      I like the check/shove here, you have blocker for 99, if villain had AA he would probably had 3bet pre flop, so you are most likely ahead of everything here but 44, and even against 44 and 99 you still have some outs.

      And most important, you are getting paid by worse hands.

      I hope I could help you and good luck in your next hands !! :-)


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        Both of you helped me a lot, Thank you



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