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freeroll MTT

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  • freeroll MTT

    This is mainly to test out the hand replayer -- it's my first time using it. However, I'm still wondering if I could have extracted more chips here. Should I have gone all-in before the river?

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    I cant see anything

    **might be the ipad im using

    Can you see it? Did you follow the guide?


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      Hmm. The hand replayer shows up for me -- why wouldn't it show up for you too? I read the instructions, and I think I did everything. Can anyone figure out why the handplayer shows when I read my post but apparently not when someone else does?


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        Im pretty sure its the web browser i'm using.
        Whats your screen name?


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          shreef. I'm using firefox


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            I can see the hand

            edit with that flop Im betting here and not check raising

            Im probaly betting around 1000 but more maybe better

            on that turn i need to bet again and if its more than 1/3 of my chips left I need to go allin

            the pot on the turn would be 3775 and he would have 3981 left so Im allin on turn


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              Hey shreef,

              In a freeroll I expect the random opponents to be giving loose action and making silly plays.

              I think as the preflop aggressor we should simply bet this dynamic flop. If you bet 1500 and get called, there will be 5700 in the pot and he'll have 3500 behind so you can move all in on the turn reasonably... that's probably the best betting progression.

              As is the villain makes a silly min-bet after you check, for 1/11th of the pot, which speaks directly to my point on random freerollers. So now here again is the opportunity for a decent raise sizing. Your check-raise is too small as he only has to call 500 into 3700 so he's getting 7.4-1 to see the turn, making a call with any draw correct. Since the villain is very likely to make calling mistakes, I like bet sizing so they can make one.

              Edit: to be clear we should not just focus on draws but rather his entire range that will call our bets... this includes hands like top pair, which are still fairing poorly against our set even for this price. But those hands will call larger action as well, so the bigger sizing will turn the draws into calling mistakes and the made hands like top pair into even larger calling mistakes.
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                Thank you both for the analysis.


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                  *Moved to more appropriate forum* - Fadyen

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