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Should I have got more value here?

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  • Should I have got more value here?

    6c 6d in the MP, UTG raises for 2.5x BB so I called, button calls SB and BB fold 3 way to the flop. Flop comes 8d 7d 5d giving me a straight draw, flush draw and straight flush draw and the set draw too. UTG raiser checked so I bet 8 c so I know my bet was a bit light here but with the number of outs I had to improve my hand felt keeping players in might be better. Button folded, UTG called. Turn comes the 9d giving me the straight flush so only hand that had me beat here was anyone holding 10d/jd but this was highly unlikely. Was just unsure whether any bet would get value here, villian checked so I checked behind trying to show some weakness hoping he will at least try to bluff me off on the river. River came Ah as I had villian on an Acex range thought this would probably get some value. Villian bet 27c into a 34c pot, I raised to $1 into a 62c pot villian called. Villian was holding Js Ad so had made the A flush on the turn so think if I had bet the turn I could have got a lot more value, did I do right playing it the way I did though??

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    You didn't necessarily have to bet this flop. If any other diamond different from 4d or 9d hits the turn, there's a good chance your hand is no good. If you insist on betting the flop though, make the bet somewhat bigger.

    I would bet the turn as well - no point in losing one street of value.

    Regular hand analyzers probably won't agree with me but I do like your river raise. Your opponent led out on the river, which means it is likely he had a big diamond. Thus, making a big raise and trying to extract as much value as possible from him was the correct play. If you'd bet on the turn you would probably have notched a full double-up.


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      Yeah once I knowing that he had the Ad I am sure I would have got more by betting the turn but I had him on some AK, AQ AJ sort of range having opened under the gun. So I just figured that there would be no value from betting. Certainly didn't think about him holding the Ad as that woulld certainly have changed my thinking on the flop too.


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        Hi Webbo62!

        This hand is a great example of what I mean by turning your cards face-up. In your other hands, when you have a big pair or better, you're overbetting. Now, here on the flop, you have a draw... and make a lower than standard bet. Anyone with notes on you will 100% know that you have a draw and not a made hand and can then play perfectly against you.

        John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner



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