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SB vs BB

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  • SB vs BB

    Villain is 46/31 (13 hands only) Is my cbet too small on the flop? Better to go $1? Is seems quite aggro, although small sample, so I only call his turn raise hoping to get to showdown. Should I consider committing here with 2 pair? Easy river fold I think?

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    Flop: I wouldn't say your Cbet is way too small. I think it's fine.
    Turn: Just calling his raise OTT makes sense. If you're committing your chips here OTT, you're hoping that the villain will commit with JT, which they might... However, AJ, sets and straights are beating you.
    River: I like folding vs. that sizing + our 2 pair are now counterfeit.



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      Hey Carl

      I think your cbet size is fine and probably best. We cant conclude too much from a 13 hand sample on this villain except that they are probably not a nit.

      On the turn we definitely want to continue, we get value from a ton of hands that call the turn. Those include perhaps AQ, but more likely KJ KT QJ QT A9-A2 type hands. I don't think we are getting a ton of value from hands that raise the turn. We are probably ahead of enough hands though, like A7 and JT, to continue.

      This is a fine river in that we have an easy decision making process, fold to bets. We definitely don't have a value hand, this is a terrible card to bluff, and we didnt really think villain had too many blufs raising the turn anyways. If they are value betting, which we should think they are often, they always have us beat when they bet the size that they did. So looks like a well played hand, start to finish, to me. (y)


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        I think the cbet is a good size just over 1/2 pot. They pay 2-1 and need more for a bare flush draw. We have an Ace blocker not to any K nuts... I'll stop now. umbup:


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          heey guys just on the cbet here, why not make it bigger, opponent seemse to be a ltile bit fishy, so i dotn think he has a hand that he calls 75c but not like $1.10 and i dont think he reads anything into the bigger bet. we probably have the best hand so why not make it a bit bigger? just wondering :P
          Triple Bracelet Winner


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            Hi carlk73,

            I prefer to raise something like 2.5bb from the co and bu, but I think that raising 3bb is a fine play as well...

            Clearly a cbet spot, but I think you made it too cheap for him betting just 1/2 of the pot...

            You need to extract money from weaker aces, draws and even a jack sometimes so I would bet 65% to 80% in that spot, depending on the image that I have of the villain.

            I like the bet size here, when he raises it becomes a really scary spot for you but I still don’t think you can fold here, since he can have hands as a7 or jt or maybe even a draw trying to play aggressive.

            When he over bets the pot here you don’t have any option and unfortunately you should be folding.



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