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$1.10 MTT, ATs - a hand I think I played well.

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  • $1.10 MTT, ATs - a hand I think I played well.

    I think I played this hand well, but want to get a few other opinions. I was in the $1.10 hold 'em $1k Gtd. Early on, but I was a late reg. I think I've finally played a hand well. I'm going to take you through my thought process. So, I'm on the button with AhTh (my favourite two cards, because they're soooo pretty!. UTG flat calls, UTG+2 folds, MP1 raises to two big blinds, MP2 folds. MP3 flat calls, CO folds. It's my favourite hand - the pot is currently $300, so I think it's worth a look, but not a raise - so I flat call 2BBs, leaving me 20 BB in my stack. SB flat calls, BB flat calls, UTG calls. Pot is now 12BB. Flop comes - Qh4hJc - I assess. There are 9 more hearts in the deck. This gives me 9 outs to the nut-flush. Using the rule of 4&2, I say to myself - ok, 36% chance of hitting my draw by the end of this hand. The odds of hitting the nut-flush are better than 1 in 3. I decide that provided the betting isn't crazy, I'll give this a look. I then realise there are also 4 kings in the deck, which any of which would give me a straight, one of whom would give me my first royal flush... 12 outs in total, 48% chance of improving my hand... Hmm... BB checks, UTG checks, MP1 bets 3BB MP3 calls. There are now 18BB in the pot. They're offering 6:1, which is twice the odds I need to flat call. There are still 3 people behind me to act, but I feel I'm in a decent spot. I flat call because I don't want to force anyone to go all-in or anything silly. SB folds, BB calls, UTG folds. 4 players in the hand, 24BB in the pot. Turn is 5h. MP1 bets 3BB, MP3 raises to 13BB. I have the nut flush, but I want to ensure maximum value - in short I need to get all my chips into the middle come the end of the hand, so I ponder "what bet size gives me a 'pot sized shove' come time? Well that would be about half what I need to call to stay in the hand. I conclude this will take care of itself, and flat call. BB folds, MP1 calls. Pot is now 123BB... River - Kc. I assess: I have the nut flush. What can beat me? A straight flush, or a full-house. There is neither on this board - I have the nuts. {insert small happy dance here} MP1 checks. MP3 bets about 60BB (less than 1/2 pot, my current stack is 42.5BB). Not being an idiot, I call. But I wait a little to give MP1 an thought that I'm not sure, in case he wants to join us with his 15BB, which he does! Pot is now 222BB and I know that it's mine. MP1 shows QcAc, MP3 shows KhJh (the second nut flush - although in the excitement I read it as two pair). I'm happy with how I've played here, but I'd like some feedback. I felt I was actually playing poker rather than just playing cards. I realised I had a good shot at the nuts, my attention was on extracting maximum value from the situation without taking silly risks. What could I have done differently? Of course a few hands later I let the win get to me and blew through most of my stack on calling a late position AJ who goes all in against my pocket 9s... but you get that. Now, after the flop - under what circumstances should I have folded?
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    Hi diffnerd! IMO, preflop and the flop are very well played. However, I would go about the turn totally differently. When the opp bets 1650, this bet pot-commits me (makes me put over 1/3 of my remaining chips into the pot). With this being the case, I have 2 choices that will not set off every alarm in the building to an observant player... shove or fold. With the A high flush, I'm shoving. By just calling here, if any of the opps have a clue, they will not pay off the rest of my stack on the river, as the call doesn't make sense.. and when a play doesn't make sense, it's a monster or bluff (and can't be a bluff if I've never bet!). Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      It's a pretty standard hand that plays itself in all honesty

      Calling preflop is fine from an 80BB stack with a player who can double you up. On the flop you are getting a great price to continue.

      You turn the nuts against the 2nd nuts so it plays itself really. The only thing I don't like is flat calling the turn. By flatting you are letting sets and 2 pairs outdraw you for free and you are also giving them the chance to fold on the river if a 4th heart comes. A ready made low flush can even fold on the river if a 4th heart comes

      You want to get it in here on the turn and let all the hands with equity pay for it and also keep in the hands that will call here but fold on the river to scare cards.

      NH but just GII on the turn



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