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Pocket 9's in the SB

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  • Pocket 9's in the SB

    9d 9h in the small blind, button raises for 3xBB I call BB folds. Flop comes 2d 4d 6s, so possible flush draw possible straight although I don't expect the button to be holding 3/5. So make a bet of 6 into a 14c pot villian calls. Turn comes 10d giving a possible straight and more possible straights fire again with a 12c pot into a 26c pot, villian calls. River comes 3d giving me the flush 9 hig, but bringing the possibility of straight flush A-5 and a lot of higher flushes too. Only thing I'm beating is any straights that made, pairs 2 pairs or sets and lower flushes. I checked and villian bet 26c into a 50c pot I called, villian had pocket kings but had made the King flush. Should I have folded to the river bet or was a call the right play?

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    with an overcard and also the flush draw completing, I'm checking the turn and folding to any sizable river bet.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Your lead out on the flop and turn a too small imo, if your going to donk out on the flop for protection here id rather bet about 10c and if you are called then check the turn, I might call a bet provided its not too big as there is only 1 over card to your 9's. I fold to his river bet however as he has too many bigger diamonds in his range after he raised preflop


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        I would play this hand very different.
        I would not have donkbet OTF nor OTT and check-call on both streets. Letting him do the betting.
        If he bets 2 streets and bet river with the 4th flush card, I'm folding.

        If river was not a diamond, I would prob call a small sized bet as well, as the only overcard is a 10.


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          check/call flop for me here all day long

          on the turn I think it gets a bit tricky. Any decent player is going to double barrel any hand that picked up equity and also there is plenty of double barrel bluffs here so check/calling isn't terrible. Based on the fact any decent player double barrels this turn with high diamond and any hand with no showdown value then check/folding is a bit on the weak side but again not bad by any means.

          once you lead flop and turn and get called both times then the river is a check/fold 100% for me

          Calling the river with a 9 high flush is really just a bluff catcher and if your calling with a bluff catcher then you need to play the hand in a way where the villian can be bluffing and this isn't it.

          You led flop and turn and got called both times. The Villain isn't bluffing this river (in general) of course player tendancies and table dynamics come into play


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            I usually 3-bet/fold pre, but calling is just as good if you'd prefer to play a small pot.

            If I call pre, then I check-call flop, check-call turn, check-fold river. Calling two streets is fine, but if villain puts in the third barrel, he's got you crushed. By donking into villain you allowed him to get three streets of value, while folding out all his air. At least if you check, he'll sometimes bat with a worse hand and you can bluff-catch. Or he'll check behind and you can win a small pot when he gives up. By betting, you make him fold his worse hands, so he only sticks around with better.
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