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C betting always right?

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  • C betting always right?

    Hi all, Just wondering if there is ever a time you should not C bet?

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    I don't think you have to CBET everytime especially if you know your villains will only bet out if they have you beat when you check the flop. There's certainly nothing wrong with CBET to protect your hand against a bunch of hands but it can get awkward sometimes when you CBET and the draw misses and he leads out on the river. What I would do is think about what I would do with other parts of my range. If I always CBET air here, maybe you should CBET value hands. If you always check back weak aces here, maybe you should CBET less etc.


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        a 100% c-bet is exploitable

        I c-bet a lot, but I try to mix it up a bit, specially if I suspect the opposition is noticing.
        c-bet less against multiple players, against loose players. take note of villains fold to c-bet tendencies.

        I try to polarize my c-betting range a bit.

        I still c-bet too much.


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          I'm on 69% c-bet (testing out a free hud) again! The people who write these things suggest that % is a bit high.

          Anyway, raising Ax Kx and hitting the flop! I may lose value from worse hands by a cbet every time getting too many folds. Slow adjustments and not do the same thing every time.


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            I have a pretty high c bet percentage too 75-80% or so. I don't think you should c bet all the time either there are just some situations where it is not profitable.

            In the hand you posted I think I c bet that pretty close to 100% of the time, because his flatting range doesn't have an ace that often imo and the times it does its A rag and though a c bet isn't going to get him to fold his A rag type hands with a c bet you can get called by all his 9x and draws so I am betting for value on the flop and if called I get to see what he does and reevaluate the turn.

            In my experience when I open from a steal pos. and c bet an ace high flop vs one player my success rate is very high and thus worth c betting a ton.

            Just my opinion on this type of situation hope it helps and gl at the tables
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              There are tons of spots where c-betting certain hands is a clear mistake. Typically, to balance your ranges, you should bet your very strong hands, bet your air hands, and check your mid strength hands. On an A96tt, flop, you can bet at a reasonably high frequency (it would be less so on a rainbow board), but your mid strength hands would be A5-A2, KK-TT and KQ. These are the most obvious hands to check, since with those you are usually way ahead or way behind, and you don't need to protect them. i.e. you can check back the flop knowing that you're never folding on any turn card. Betting serves no purpose if it will just make worse hands fold.
              If you bet the flop with mid strength hands and get called (or worse - raised) you're in a much trickier spot.
              Since you have some showdown value with TT, checking back and trying to get to a cheap showdown is a good idea.

              All of the above is related to range-balancing, which becomes more important as you move up stakes. In the micros, you can get away with c-betting at a higher frequency because villains won't exploit you. Something like 70% is a decent number at 2NL or in $1.50 tourneys. At 10NL+, a more optimal number is 55-60%. Or you could be like Kanu (and me!) and only c-bet 50% of the time. Like a boss.
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