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Early stage tournament on button

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  • Early stage tournament on button

    10d Jd on the button blinds 10/20 2 limpers so bet 100 and called by SB and 2 limpers. 3 way to the flop and it comes Kd 2S Qd giving me OESD + straight + royal Flush draw checked round to me so bet 300 into a 420 pot. one OP folds other 2 called turn comes a 4s so no help but I figure I still have plenty of outs with 9 for flush, 6 for OESD and possibly pair options but discounted those due to over cards on the board. Should I have fired again here or was checking the turn the correct play here due to the fact I was probably behind even with outs a 2/3 pot bet would have bloated the pot to such an extent I would be committing my whole stack at the flop. The river made the flush giving me 2nd nuts behind an Ace flush. Villian_3 led out for the first time with a half pot bet, villian_9 called. Now I was never folding but should I have raised here with the ops showing there willingness to bet. I called the bet although if I had led the betting I would have led with a bet of 900. Would really appreciate advice on how I could have played the turn and river better.

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    Hi Webbo62! There are two things that I'd change if it were me playing it. The first is the flop bet. With 3 opps in the pot, if I'm going to bet, I need to make a standard 3/4 pot bet (315). I do not want to bet less than this or it's my own fault if I lose the hand. On the river, when I make the flush and an opp bets 660 on a non-paired board, I'm absolutely raising and since a standard raise pot-commits me.. I'm shoving. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      300 into a 420 pot is pretty close to 3/4 but yeah I see your point 3/4 would have been 315.

      Was checking the turn the correct play?

      Yeah I did feel that I should have raised the op's bet but still learning and it caught me by surprise when he led out having checked it from the start.

      But I will learn just seems so many different scenarios that I need to get my head around, its easy to see the errors when I look at my plays afterwards, just need to sort it out in game next.

      Did a 90 seat Sitngo earlier finished ITM but called a shove with KQs when I could have sat and gained 2 or 3 more places by holding on but wanted to compete for first, so finished in 9th. Would you say it best to go the win or just try to gain as higher place as possible?


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        yeah. checking the turn is the correct play. I have a bunch of outs, but do not have a made hand.

        As for the other hand.. KQ is a hand that I'll gladly shove if I get shorter, but it's not a hand that I want to be calling a shove with unless the opp is extremely short-stacked. It's not strong enough.

        John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner



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