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flop set 3way

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  • flop set 3way

    MP : 11/3/0 40 hands. AG =2.0 BTN: 15/12/10 115 hands AG = 1.1 BB : 20/10/0 10 hands AG=0.0 Deffo calling 33 against two nits, good spot to setmine, imo Don't mind if BB comes too. If BB squeezes, I prob fold. I flop bottom-set, I check flop. I would hate to see this go checked around but betting now would fold out lots of hands that give me value. Lucky, MP makes his cbet. BTN raises small... What would you do ?

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    If you flop a set multi-way and you're the first to act, I'd really recommend leading out on the flop. If you want to build the pot, you can't count on your opponents doing the job for you. Well, unless you know your opponents are super aggressive and they will bet for sure.

    Against a bet and a raise, I guess you just go over the top and shove. There are cards on the turn you don't want to see, and any smaller raise pot commits you anyway. It is possible you are drawing to a 1-outer, but your hand is just way too strong too fold.

    I would shove and expect to have to dodge some cards, which is what you did I guess.


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      I like leading too. I've been doing this a bunch and have increased my ROI by leading. The opps will put you on some sort of 1 pair hand and pay you off lighter due to it. They'll think they're ahead, when they're really way behind. If you c/r, then everyone will be putting you on a set.

      John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner



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