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Did I play this right?

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  • Did I play this right?

    Late stages of a torunament with 10 players left accross two tables, pocket 3's in the CO. Just flat called wasn't too sure here but decided a flat call was probably ok as it was shorthanded. I know I have been told to only call if the pot has been opened but wasn't sure if that also applied shorthanded when a pocket pair becomes more valuable. Flopped the set but also came a Ace and a 7, ruled out the ops having pocket aces unlessthey were trapping but pretty confident they would have shoved with aces. Although they could easily have had A7 with the low pre flop bets. No real draws on the flop so went 1/2 pot was this a good sizing? ended up heads up with button turn card was a 2d so giving the flush draw but didn't think the button would have continued the bet with 2 diamonds so again bet 1/2 pot but looking at it afterwards should I have bet bigger to give bad odds for the flush draw?? River came a second 2 giving me the full house and killing any flush so figured the only hands that had me beat were pocket Aces which I was sure wern't in the ops hand, pocket 7's or pocket 2's both of which were possible. As the pot was over 400k and bigger than my stack I shoved I knew if he had been drawing to a flush I was getting know value but there were a lot of hands he could have had that I was beating. Was this the best play? I know there are a few questions above but would like some input from the more knowledgeable players here on my play and thought processes.

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    A pocketpair does become more and more valuable that's why you should be even more enclined to bet in stead of limping... imo

    Love your postflop play


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      Yeah it did occur to me to bet but was scared of making a bet and getting a re raise putting me in a difficult spot as I was less than 20 big blinds any re raise would have made it so I was left me with a decision to fold or shove and even shorthanded was not confident of that with 3's

      Thanks for the post flop comment really appreciated.
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        Hi Webbo62! I can't stress enough... do NOT open-limp! You may be able to get away with it against clueless opponents, but you will be very easily exploited against a real opponent. With 33, I'm going to make my standard raise for this blind level and stack sizes and min-raise to 50k. When I flop a set, I need to make a standard value bet. With two opps in the hand, a standard bet is 2/3 pot, so I will bet 68750. I do not want to bet less than this or I can potentially be giving the opps the correct odds to try to outdraw me. If I do so and lose, it's my own fault that I lose the hand. On the turn, I'm up against one opp, so since a standard value bet in this situation is 1/2 pot, I will bet 101563. Once again, I don't want to bet less. On the river, I'm going to shove, as a standard bet pot-commits me. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          So if I understand it correctly
          I should have min raised pre flop for 50k leaving me with 448k
          assuming both ops called still thats a 165k pot on the flop
          I should then have bet 2/3 pot so about 100k leaving a 248k stack giving a pot of 365k to the turn
          So the turn bet would have been 1/2 pot or about 160k I'm assuming as that is most of my stack I would have been shoving on the turn?

          Is that correct?

          My concern was at the flop with an ace on the board an op may have an ace in his hand but even 1/2 wouldn't give him the odds for that draw, it was a rainbow flop so don't think a 1/2 pot would have given odds for that draw but I'm still learning and trying to understand.


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            Yes, if standard bets were used, I'd be shoving the turn.

            HERE is a link to a blog that I wrote on post-flop bet sizes.

            John (JWK24)

            6 Time Bracelet Winner



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