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Some advice on 2 hands against same villian

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  • Some advice on 2 hands against same villian

    I would like some advice on a couple of hands I played against the same player. This player had been hypoer aggressive usually resorting to shoving on the flop or turn to take down the pot, due to the number of hands he was playing I don't beleive he always had the hands when he shoved. His stats when he played the first hand were VP 83, PF 67, AF7.0 This was fairly early in the tournament. Should I have made the call knowing I was probably behind and the odds were wrong even though my thoughts were I could be ahead and could easily draw a high pair to win?? The next hand was 6 hands later. blinds 15/30 Villian_3 made a min raise I 3bet to 120 should I have actually made this a 3bet to 180?? When he shoved on the turn my hand was made and couldn't improve if he had 3and 4 of diamonds I was beat but it was an easy shove.

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    Hi Webbo62! When playing a maniac, I'm going to call the 100 preflop with AK since I don't have a made hand. If this was a standard opp, I'd have re-raised to 250-300. When I miss the flop, I do NOT want to lead. If I did bet, against 2 opps, I would need to bet 2/3 pot (not less). BUT, against a maniac, I do not want to try to bluff them, as they won't fold. To beat this type of player, I need to be very patient, then to value bet with only made hands. I only have ace high here, so I do not want to bet. When the maniac raises, I need to call 2800 into a pot that will be 6400 (43.8%). From the rule of 4 and 2, each out is worth 4% since I'm guaranteed to see both remaining cards, so my 6 outs (if they're all good) are only worth 24%. This means that I expect to LOSE 19.8% of my chips here every single time. BUT.. there's a 3rd player in the pot still. This means that I will win an even less % of the time as this opp will also win a given %. SNAP-FOLD! ---------- With AQ, once again, I do not have a made hand, so I don't want to be raising a maniac. I'll flat the 60 and hope to get an A or Q on the flop. If I raise, I need to raise to between 2.5 and 3X the previous bet.. I do not want to raise less or the opps will once again be getting the correct odds. On the flop, I need to 210 into a pot that will be 810 (26%). I have 9 outs to my flush and potentially 6 more outs to the A or Q. If all 15 outs are good, from the rule of 4 and 2, my hand is worth 30% to the turn and is a call. If I think the opp can have an A or Q... then I lose 3 of my outs, dropping my hand equity to only 24%... which even though the hand looks nice... it's a fold. Against a maniac, I'm calling, as I expect all of my outs to be good. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Yeah he was definitely a maniac and it worked for him for a while as he built a double stack very early in the game.

      I knew the first call was a bad call but I just didn't beleive the maniac had anything I suppose its like anything they will always have something occasionally.

      The all in with JQ on the second hand just seems insane to me on a 5d 10s 2d 6d board I guess he was trying to rep the flush.



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