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Straight Flush

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  • Straight Flush

    Played this hand earlier was a strange tableI know limping pre flop wasn't the correct play here. But would like some comments on the post flop play. Villian was in the big blind so had a very wide range, flop gave me the flush decided to hide my hand strength to try and keep some villians in play as I was out of position, unfortunately the hand checked round. Led out with a small bet on the turn all folded except for the BB position and he raised, wasn't too sure what to do here as he was either on a straight trips or a smaller flush, however with the board paired a full house was possible too. I made a small raise which he called. The river gaave me the straight flush at which point he made a 1/2 pot bet which I shoved. Would appreciate some of your expert analysis here of where I could have played better.

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    Muck preflop. A9s is not a strong enough hand to open-raise with from UTG and I do not want to open-limp basically EVER. Open-limping is one of the largest leaks that a player can have and is also one of the easiest to exploit.

    If I did see post-flop play, I absolutely must make standard bets. Bets postflop need to be sized based on the size of the pot, number of opps and board texture. With 4+ opps in the hand, I cannot bet less than a pot-sized bet.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Don't limp but eighter bet or fold preflop. (A9s would be a fold for me) OTF, I would be cbetting because I would be the aggessor in the hand. As played: OTF, checking is fine, hoping somebody has hit something and bets. The raise on the turn by player6 looks really strong. I would just call it in stead of 3bet. If he has a str or a K-high flush(draw), you can extract nice value OTR. If he has you beat, you keep the pot smallish. Player6 made a huge mistake not to 4bet you, I would be shoving your 3bet. river is extremely lucky ofc you get it in here. Sure beats you but what are the odds...


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        Originally posted by rkleefstra View Post
        Sure beats you but what are the odds...
        In a raised pot, the only way an opp should show up with it is 66.. but in a limped pot preflop, the opps could literally have ATC, so it will show up more often than you might think it would. John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Agree with you rkleefstra turn was bad play on my part if he had shoved to my cbet I would probably have had to fold assuming I was beat.

          jwk yeah you are right about turning up with anything as he turned up with 4 2 off. Don't think he would have bet like that on the turn with 66 he would have to know a pair was beat. I is possible he could have had 6s and a 3 although I think that would have got a flop bet from him. although he didn't bet the flop with 2 pair.



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