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  • JJ UTG vs MP

    Do you think its good to x/f JJ here no spade on this board?

    Im assuming MP is good as the players are playing 500nl

    2s 3s 5c 8s

    So hero bet flop and x/f turn. I normally bet here but i can see a problem with that as we can get bluffed a ton on the river but at the same time i don't like to x/f JJ here.

    I think its close but i definitely cant see myself x/f in other positions.

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    Single-raised pot?

    Jacks aren't beating much on the turn. If villain is a tight caller pre-flop, the turn check-fold is fine. I'm not sure if c-betting the flop is best, tbh. I think the optimal line starts with a check (it's hard to rep much with a bet OOP on that board), but I'm not sure if it's a check-call or a check-raise.

    EDIT: Just checked with Snowbot. "Optimal" line is check-call, check-call. If hero c-bets, then turn is a check-call vs half pot bet, with 99 being bottom of range. Jacks should bluff-catch, but will have to fold to most river bets.
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      Hey Arty

      Yeah it was a single raised pot i was pretty shocked when he x/f turn seen as he has a pretty wide range for betting that turn from what ive seen.

      So what is snowie betting for value, big pairs with a spade+?


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        ** thread moved to Basic Poker Hand Discussions **
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          Originally posted by mike2198 View Post
          So what is snowie betting for value, big pairs with a spade+?
          Basically that, but it checks the flop at a very high frequency, because hands like KTs, J9s, A8s completely missed, and villain's range is a lot stronger on that board (mostly overpairs), so there's not much fold equity.
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            Cool i need to check out snowie again soon, thanks for helping us out again.umbup:



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