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2NL - Flopped Straight

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  • 2NL - Flopped Straight

    Despite winning, I felt I'd made a wrong decision (or two?) somewhere in the hand, could someone advise? Thanks!

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    First things first: It was a mistake to min-raise with 89 off-suit from an early position and then call the 3-bet. You're gonna quickly burn through your bankroll if you keep playing marginal hands from an early position for 5 BB. Try to avoid it (unless you are a fully recreational player who doesn't mind losing).

    On the flop you got lucky twice: You flopped a straight and villain_8 flopped a set (probably) to pay you off. So the way you played the hand post-flop didn't really matter.

    Also, Villain_7 made a good play folding his AA/KK on the flop.


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      Fold pre at both opportunities to do so. Other than that, it's perfect.
      Bracelet Winner


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        yes i agree you should be folding pre here and not even consider putting any money in the pot never mind min raise and call a 3bet, however as played when villain bets pot and gets called instead of you raising for half your stack you should just shove all in as there is plently in the pot to take down then and there and if you get called... happy days!



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