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2NL AKo in position

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  • 2NL AKo in position

    Zoom hand so no reads on the opp. So I found myself on spots like this too many times and my question is: what is the best play here? call or raise? My toughts are: if I call the pot will be 33c + 12c + 12c= 57c On the turn if he bests again half of the pot this time the new pot will be 1,14 and of course on the river, i will find myself with more than 1 dolar making the decision if go all in or not. So is better to 3bet there and if he goes all in to fold? I will lose almost the same ammount to a better hand even if I call or I 3bet. I think he would go all in at my 3bet only with a set or aces, but if I call he might bet 3 streets with KJ or KQ. Any advices? Excuse me for bad english.

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    Since this is 2NL zoom, calling a 3-bet in position with AK is a standard play. As you said, if your opponent moves all-in on you, you are forced to fold as you are behind pretty much always. Calling gives you an opportunity to connect with a flop and to extract some value from your hand.

    Occasionally you will run into a set of aces/kings but that's just part of the game.


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      Situations like these do happen a lot indeed.
      Preflop I would call as well. 4betting is too much in 2NL.

      On the flop, normally I would call his bet being IP. If he fire again on the turn, depending on the size, I would call again on a small bet (<50%pot) or fold to bigger (if unimproved ofcourse)

      I think this hand is pretty normal, so I would call flop and evaluate turn. If he checks turn, you prob have the best hand pretty much always and check back to leave the road open for a bluff OTR.
      If he bets big OTT, I would fold.

      In this hand his bet is really small, not even 50%pot and it smells weak. I would need a little bit more persuasion than usual before I fold OTT.

      If there were draws on board, I would be more aggressive, maybe call flop and donkbet turn if draw doesn't complete. Or raise OTT if draw doesnt complete.

      BTW No need to apologise for bad english. Your english is fine. I don't see many people apologising for not speaking Romanian (or Dutch)