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Think I could have got a lot more value here.

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  • Think I could have got a lot more value here.

    Sitting on BB with Kd 9d not a hand I would normally play. I limper followed by 2 raises figured 6cents into a 20c pot was good odds to see the flop. Limper called for a 32 cent pot going to flop Flop comes Ad Kc 4d giving me second pair with a flush draw I led out with a 1/2 pot bet was this the correct play? Villian_5 folds, villian_7 raises and villian 1 folds, figured villian was playing an Ace but didn't think he was playing pocket Aces, pot now 98 cents with a bet of 34 cents to call figured I had 9 outs for the nut flush and 2 kings so 11 outs so odds of 3:1 on improving my hand. So felt odds were just about 4:1 so right to call was this correct? Turn comes Jd giving me the nut flush here's were I think I got it very wrong I checked it out hoping he would continue to bet into me after the aggression he had shown on the flop but he checked it back, should I have played the turn differently?? River came 9d so decided to shove hoping he had at least 1 diamond in his hand and would call but he folded. Do you think I could have got more value from this hand if I had played differently?
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    I hate your betting and then calling on the flop. If you had missed you would probably have had to call a big turn bet in order to continue drawing. I never overvalue these kinds of draws.

    Your opponent raised the flop so he probably had a very strong had - I say a set or top two pair. Since you got lucky on the turn, betting would be best as he's never folding the turn with top two or better.


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      So would it have been better to check the flop and hope to call a smaller bet on the flop??


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        That's what I would do. There are two ways to play such draws: If you believe all your outs are alive, you could even gamble your whole stack, thus giving yourself two chances of making the hand and maximizing your profit in case you hit. The other approach is just calling, in which case you lose the minimum if you miss. This also allows you to get away from the hand if you make trips or two pair and your opponent is showing a lot of strength.

        A top pair with a flush draw is way stronger than a middle/bottom pair with a flush draw.


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          yep I agree with not leading out on the flop, check to the raiser here and wait for the cbet, you could even check raise the flop and get it in if he jams that way you have two cards to come to hit your flush, and you stack your opponent if you hit your flush.


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            Thanks guys makes a lot of sense. When I analysed the hand afterwards I was sure it would have been possible to get more value here.

            Whilst playing the hand I was sure villians big flop re-raise was to try to cost out the flush draw. Although on that point if I had checked and he had made a 50 bet I would have been folding as I wouldn't have bet 50 into an 82c pot.



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