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    Hello guys,

    This is not a hand from a online poker tournament, it's from an live poker tournament in my city and I really would like to ask about any opinions.

    It was a 50 Euro Buy-in for 15.000 Chips with a Second chance till final table (At second chance you get 20.000 Chips)

    There were bout 60 entrants.

    I held on like for 5 hours, and was in the last 22-23 with a stack about 80k.

    So now here comes the hand that grounded me
    I was in late-position
    Blinds at 1600/800 200 Ante, game is 7 handed.
    I look under my cards, from late position, what do I see? Queens. Very excited, I wait for my turn.

    Some guy from early position limps in, I looked at his stack size and it was a little bit lower than mine, so I considered He must have a good hand. Nobody calls, I raise to 4800. Nobody calls, just the limper.

    And here comes the flop: 2s 6d 7d
    I was with: Qd Qs

    Villain checks
    Me raise to 8000
    Villain calls 8000

    Turn: Jd

    Villain checks
    Me raise to 10.000
    Villain reraise to 22.000
    Me All-in
    Villain Calls

    Cards villain: Js 6c
    Me cards: Qd Qs

    The river comes 3s
    The board was: 2s 6d 7d Jd 3s

    I would've put him on a flushdraw first, but why would he have reraised with a flush there instead of letting me raise on him on the river? I knew he could have maybe 2 pairs and that's why I called all-in cuz I had 9 outs to hit my flush, 2 outs to hit my set and another 6 outs that the board get paired (in the right way for me)

    So I had 17 outs so I was on a 1:2.6 chance

    Anyway, I'm kinda sorry that I moved there all-in and risked my tournament life since I was very well on chips for the final table, but I'm just thinking, should I have moved all-in there right on the flop to get the +6000-7000 chips that were in the pot allreadt

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    Hi Harap Alb96! Preflop, I'm definitely going to make a standard raise when it gets to me and raise to 4800. On the flop, however, I need to size my bet based on the size of the pot, number of opps and board texture. With one opp, I need to bet 1/2 pot. I want to keep all of my bets standard, so that the opps don't get a tell on the cards that I'm playing. The same on the turn, I need to bet 1/2 pot. However, when the opp raises me after the third diamond hitting, I'm going to call and re-evaluate on the river since I have the Qd. If I didn't have the diamond, I'd need to fold. I'm expecting to see them turn over a flush or two pair (mainly 67) just about every time here and I don't want to put all of my chips into the middle with only 1 pair. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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