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pocket 10's in the sb

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  • pocket 10's in the sb

    Not sure I should have even played this but was really suspicious of Villian_6 he was an agressive player but had previously opened with min raiseswith strong hands on two occasions, but played other hands aggressively with 3x-4x BB raises. So decided to try a min raise to see if that would show his hand but he just called. Checked the flop villian_6 also checked which again made me unsure as he had an AF of 4.0 Villian 6 opened betting with a small bet so called. At which point Villian_5 fired, at which point I was sure he was holding a monster as the bet was massive even by his normal standards, villian_6 called. I folded and got out to a loss of 160 chips. Questions should I have got out of this sooner and how? where could my play have been improved here?

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    Watching the hand I think pre flop is fine as there is an UTG raise and a call fron UTG+1 so you have to think there are some decent hands here, just calling and seeing a flop hoping to hit your set is fine imo.

    Post flop I would check to the raiser as you did, villain 6 checks and villain 7 bets small I felt like he had a hand like J10,QJ, or KJ, but I still would have made the call and to see what happens on the turn, but when villain 6 check raises like that I really put him on KK and I think with villain 7 calling you have an easy fold.

    I just knew that guy was gona stack off with a J too lol


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      Preflop with TT, since the stacks are deep enough to do so, I'm going to call to setmine. However, on the flop, when the opp bets, I absolutely need to fold. I need to call 80 chips into a pot that will be 440 (18.2%). I have two outs (the other two tens), so my hand is only worth 4%. When my pot equity is higher than my hand equity, I need to fold as I expect to lose chips.

      John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner



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