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2NL pocket J's on the BB

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  • 2NL pocket J's on the BB

    Pocket Jacks on the BB Villian_5 was loose aggresive no real read on Villian_8. Should I have just called preflop or was the 3 bet the correct play and was the sizing ok? Flop came a little scary with a possible straight draw I bet 20c into a 39c pot, should I have just checked this board or should I have bet higher to try and protect against the draw as although Villian_5 was a LAG I didn't have him on a 4/6 or 6/9 combination, but could easily have been on a A6, A9 or K9 combination. Villian_5 then shoved all in which really made the decision hard I would need to commit my whole stack on a pair of jacks with only 2 possbile outs, if villian was playing an A6 combo he had 8 outs but could just as easily have missed completely. I just felt it was so much of an overbet that he didn't want to se the draw come either. I decided to call was this the correct decision as at this point I had only committed 36c to the pot a fold would not have lost much? Some advice here would be appreciated

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    You are out of position so I would make it a lot bigger preflop.

    I think the general rule is: 3 times the bet + 1x for OOP + 1x for every caller. That would make it 3*6 + 1*6 + 1*6 = 30cents.
    Or just hit the "pot" bettingbutton, that gives about the same amount.

    Another way to play this hand, is to flatcall JJ and setmine.

    Your cbet is nice sized. and I'm folding to his shove. Not going to risk my stack with a mediocre overpair.


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      I don't think calling the all-in was a wrong move. If we don't believe the villain has a set, we can basically put him on 3 hands only: QQ, TT and 99. We're ahead of two of these hands. Calling is just fine in this spot. I saw many people going crazy with any overpair.



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