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pocket 4's early in tournament

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  • pocket 4's early in tournament

    This hand was 2 hands after the pocket 3's I posted in the forum and I really made a mess of it was not confident raising it UTG so limped and went downhill from thee. Should I have just folded pre flop or would raising have been the correct play? Was I right to fold to the post flop raise or were the odds good enough for me to call and see the set drop on the turn??

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    You odds to hit a set are about 1 in 8. The maximum expected pot is about 3500 and you have to call 380.

    To effectively call to setmine OOP you need the maxpossible pot to be 20 times the betsize so you are no where near the right odds to setmine.

    I would fold.


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      I did suspect the correct play would have been to fold to the pre flop raise, would have saved me 374 chips too.

      I am quickly learning it doesn't matter if I would have won this time as the correct play saves me more chips in the long run. Just got to learn the correct time to fold though.


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        BTW, If you do decide to play this hand in this situation, I would shove in stead of call.


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          Shove with over 100BB's??


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            pot is 1300 when it reaches you. If you would raise, it would be something like potsize, but that will be half your stack. That means you are potcommited anyway. when that happens, it's better to shove.

            But mind you, I said "IF you decide to play" .... folding still is the way to goo imo.


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              Pocket 4s UTG in a full ring are a definite fold DONT LIMP. Especially since there are short stacks that are likely going to shove.


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                Hi Webbo62! When playing NLHE, one thing that I absolutely want to avoid is open-limping. It's a huge leak and very easily exploitable by an observant opp. 44's a bit weak for me to raise with from UTG, so I'm mucking it preflop. I either need to raise or fold and since the hand is not strong enough to raise with, I need to muck it. When the pot gets raised to 392, I cannot call as to call to try and get a 4, I need to have 15X this bet in everyone's stacks.. which is definitely not the case. Due to this, I need to re-raise or fold and a re-raise would be a shove as a standard 3/4 pot raise due to 3 opps in the pot, makes me pot-committed. 44 does not play well in a multi-way pot, so this is a clear fold. The key with this hand is to not open-limp, but to muck the hand immediately. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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