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QTs (NL5 zoom SH)

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  • QTs (NL5 zoom SH)

    Do you call on the river? Can he play like that with worse flushes? I had some doubts about this - as for the flop; he didn't cbet it so he completly missed it (but it's really good to bluff) or he had it completly crushed (AA or 88).
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    QTs is kinda loose to open at UTG. Calling a 3bet, even small, is trowing away money.

    River is a tough one...
    I think I would make a crying call only to see he was crushing us from start.


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      I've opened QTs UTG so I don't hate the open but I certainly think we should play it cautiously when we see a flop.

      After opening, we can't fold to the min raise, we have position and a suited and generally connected hand. I think the min raise is often a tell of a huge hand or just of a bad player messing around. We can assume he is a bad player because of his starting stack in the hand.

      I don't hate the flop bet after he checks because he might have been over valuing just a pair but when he calls it suggests that he has at least an Ace.

      I think turn check is fine, we have nothing, he has something.

      When he leads the river for an overbet, if we are playing our A game, and have the time to think about what he can be doing this with. I think it is actually an easy fold with the nut flush. He's shown no fear when the flush card hit and his raise pre flop suggests a pocket pair of some sort. The min raise, the fact that he is bad and will slowplay too often, the absence of fear when the river hits and brings a flush, and the panicked river overbet because he missed a street of value due to slowplaying at make this look like what it was.

      That said, because it was a boom link I couldnt avoid the result being shown, so had I not seen the result I might think differently.


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        It looked like he had kings on the river to me, especially since he 3bet before. I don't think he will ever shove with AK and he won't have a weaker flush as he wouldn't 3 bet before hand. That being said I am pretty sure that in the moment I would have called as well!



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