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Live Poker: final table AQo - what do you do?

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  • Live Poker: final table AQo - what do you do?

    Hey All!
    I consider myself a beginner.

    I've been branching out into small-buyin live poker tournaments - mostly because I'd like to be a balanced poker player, but I ran into a situation last night that I didn't know how to deal with.

    Last night i was final table at a poker tournament of about 27 players. I was second short-stack.

    I was dealt AQo in middle-postion. I loath AQ - it seems to always cost me money. But it was the best hand I saw in ages, I was down to about 4BB and I thought to myself "oh great".

    Early positions fold, the player immediately to my right goes all in pre-flop - he has me covered about 3:1. I felt I had to call, even though I find AQ awful.

    The rest of the players fold. We turn over our cards - he is 88s.

    Naturally, I lose. (the flop was 5J5, turn 5, river 8).

    I've crunched the numbers at he was 57% to my 43%.

    Should I have folded?

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    If you were already in the money, I'd say AQ is a easy call here.

    Close to, or on the bubble is hard to say without more info. How close was it to the bubble?
    What are the other stacks like. Was the 88 the only big stack? Was there a big stack behind you that covered the 88? was the game tight or loose...

    My first reaction was: call. with 4BB left, this is prob the best hand your are gonna get until the blinds get you.

    PS, it's more like 45 vs 55%


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      I agree. Under 10BB, I'm getting it in with AQ whether I'm shoving first or calling one. I've got too few chips to even consider folding here.

      John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner



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