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2nl fr - qq

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  • 2nl fr - qq

    I forgot to get villains exact stats but I remember they were quite fishy, maybe something like 30/10/1.0 After the check on the flop it's unlikely villain has a King so I bet. I thought that they maybe had middle/bottom pair or were chasing the flush draw. Question is, should I be calling the river bet? I know I have some showdown value. The flush missed and the only overcard is the King. Is fish only donking me here with a winning hand? Also, should I have bet larger? I went half pot because of the overcard. Should I overpot it or bet larger to set up for the shove?

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    I think you played it fine until the river.

    Donkbets OTR are often strong. In this case, it's even stronger because he leaves a small portion of his (small) stack behind and he doesn't make a full potbet, just 2 cents below. So he thought about his betsize, not just a dumb shove or potsize. in my eyes thats a strong move. I would fold my QQ here.


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      I agree with rkleefstra.

      Donk bets on the river, especially near pot size are strong, and hands like Top Pair Top Kicker (TPTK) are no good. Even if he is getting fruity with a K your beat - too many better hands beat you (Slow played sets, weird 2pairs - lol, etc) Fish can show up with anything!

      I like your chosen bet sizing being on the smaller side because it allows you to not become pot committed when a villain shoves on you on a later street and "think I have got to call with what I have left in my stack because I am pot committed".

      You could even check a street (eliminate a betting round), and allow villain to bet a worse hand that he thinks that is ahead.

      I not quite sure at 2nl, but you will find that one pair hands win small pots, i.e. villain folds on the flop when he has missed, and lose big pots, i.e. when he calls down and raises with his made flush or straight and you have to fold because you are beat.

      Food for thought.





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