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16NL TT in 3bet pot vs LAG

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  • 16NL TT in 3bet pot vs LAG

    Villain in BB is 21/17 15.3% 3bet 21% from BB and has AgF of 6.0. I think most of the hand is self-explanatory, river is kinda yucky, as some of his bluffs just got there. Are we ok to call down?

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    Hey mate,

    Looks to me he was value betting all the way, laggy as he is, a pocket pair (I see this type of play with 22+ pre if he calls, maybe 66+ if he 3b - so that easily is composed of sets).
    Unless you have specific reason to believe he is spewing 3 streets with AJs, for me flop is a fold. Not too much of an expert here but a 3b pre calls for a cbet on the flop(not much info), but firing the paired board on that turn ?
    My guess is a re-raise/fold flop to shove or something. If he calls the re-raise, but still donks turn that is a fold. I think if we re-raise flop and he calls he would check /fold his bluffs OTT.
    River, as played, I think is a call.

    My two cents.

    ps : how big was the sample ?
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      Decisions comes OTT. If you call turn you should probably not fold most rivers.

      I think vs a lag i just 4b/call pre but calling can be ok.


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        I like flatting preflop. Depending on the sample and possible fold to 4-bet/5-bet tendencies I could see myself 4-betting against some superaggressive opponent, though we are usually just wasting our positional advantage, bloat the pot or get it in against a range that has good equity versus our hand.

        Don't see any better options than calling flop, but I could find a turn fold when he pots a card that I don't expect people to bluff often with overcards. We also block T9, so I see good arguments that his betting range here could have us crushed. I'd only put heromode on if hsi timing/sizing/the situation really calls for it.
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          Ok, thanks guys, he turned up with K5.

          There was some additional information that I came across after posting the hand, so I wasn't aware of it at the time, but this guy was upgraded to maniac. On the face of it his VPIP and PFR look normal but once he is in a hand he has to win it. Other hands he turned up with in 40-50bb pots were J2o and T7s. Both times he had no part of the board. His sizings with the bluffs were all on the larger side.

          For the hand above, I actually assumed the big turn bet was more bluffy than value, but it was guesswork.

          This guy almost single handedly pulled me out of a depression yesterday. Nearly two BI alone across 3 tables in 15 hands.


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            Shoim if you raise flop he wont fold his bluffs on the turn he will do it on the flop, if you find an aggro monkey you just call down i would have folded turn readless.


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              @Mike - the fact he 3b pre / cbets flop is not giving us much to work with towards a range projection. He is donking here for 2 reasons : simply because he considers that checking after 3b pre is 'weak' or for sheer value. We have TP on a rainbow board with some back door straights and that vs a lag can be enough to call and evaluate turn. However, if we re-raise his flop raise and he shoves we are pretty much screwed - his range widens to include even 22 (which, in normal circumstances, we would consider to be a thin 3b hand)
              What I was saying is that if we call behind he might reconsider a second barrel on the turn, and perhaps we can gain initiative.



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