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Folding with a set - Good decision here or not?

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  • Folding with a set - Good decision here or not?

    Didn't have many hands with the villain and probably should have been more aggressive looking back, but was this a good fold or should I have called? I've found it difficult to fold big hands in the past and I'm trying to improve that part of my game. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated umbup:

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      Hi Weemark2089, welcome.

      I think TJo is too weak to open in a full ring game. And, more important, IF you decide to play a hand always bet !! never ever limp.
      If you bet and get 3bet, you get a much better idea of the range people are playing plus you can represent a higher range. very handy if flop contains aces or kings.

      if you limp, you have a weak hand, period. that what people think and will act on it.

      Back to the hand. I would fold this hand so purely hypothetic... calling the 3bet is also thin. You will need a mirage-flop to win against 2 people.

      Flop is the mirage-flop. Because you havent shown any aggresion, I see no reason to start now. If you would bet here it would look superstrong and all kind of hands will fold that might give action later.

      On turn, i would start betting now too, but much bigger. make it close to pot, 18-25 cents. apparently nobody liked the flop, this card doesn't chance much but you have to start bulding a pot. A little protection against a straghtdraw and flushdraw is needed too.
      If they fold, they fold. A bet of 4cent into a pot of 25 cents make no sence. it doesnt scare off, it looks weak, it doesn't give information, its basically just a check.

      On river, you bet very small. Giving your whole weak line in the hand I don't think his raise means very much. I think I would call here. But consider this: I would have played the hand MUCH different !


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        Yeah, definitely don't want to be opening such a weak hand from UTG. Check out some starting hand articles to get an idea of what you should play, and from what positions.

        Again, if you're first to enter the action always raise. 3xBB or 4xBB is usually standard. Limping is just leaking money, stronger players will mop it up.

        Playing the hand depends on villain read so it's a little difficult because so much depends on villains range here.

        With that in mind, I'm betting the flop, probably 20c. If a loose villain at 2NL is going to give you action they will now. If either have a 2 then it's game on. I've seen many loose villains call in spots like this with A,K or Q high because they think you're bluffing and will take it to showdown unimproved.

        A nitty player might re-raise you if they have a hand that can better yours. For example, Jack with a better kicker, 22 to make a boat. Then I'm considering folding on the flop, but again it would require a read.

        If I get just a call, I'm betting the turn strong. Around pot, or maybe more, and shoving to a re-raise. If a loose villain shows up with a better Jack then they've just got lucky. You could well get called with a worse Jack.

        It's unlikely that any villain would have been chasing the flush draw by the river if you bet strong on the flop. So, again if it gets to this point I'm shoving.

        I think this villain was betting in to you because you showed weakness with the limp and the bet sizes. Usually small raises like these at 2NL mean that villain has a nothing hand. Strong players are aware of this and may well try to force you off the pot. They also have the choice of looking you up very light because they are getting great odds to call when you raise only a few cents in to a large pot.


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          Thanks for the feedback guys, I'll take this advice on board. I think I was far too focussed on thinking the villain had hit a flush on the river and missed the fact that my weak bets warranted the raise from the villain...

          Thanks again.



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