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NLHE $1.00 180 man - This ended badly, but I think I played it right.

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  • NLHE $1.00 180 man - This ended badly, but I think I played it right.

    So I'm into week 2 of my PS experience and predictably, the learning curve shows no signs of slackening off! I think I did okay here, but I have a nagging doubt! I guess you always do when you get knocked out of a tourney.. any advice would be much appreciated. The Villain was being fairly lairy with his big stack and I read his 2.125x UTG raise as weak into a spec hand. I was in a bit of a spot chip-wise and KQo on the button looked good to me. (1) Am I right in thinking that no amount of tricksiness pre-flop would have got him off the hand I read him for, so the shove was the best bet? (2) Hypothetically speaking, if we’d been equal-stacked and I had the luxury of treating his weak raise entirely on it’s merits, I would have re-raised him and called his 3-bet if it came, then when I flopped a club draw I’d have shoved my 10BB and still felt good about being up against 77 with a lower club draw than me. Would that have been good play under the circumstances, or how else could I or should I have proceeded? Many thanks.

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    Hi __ads__108! For me, it comes down on a read of the opp and how tight or loose they're playing. It's definitely a shove or fold and will depend on the opp's play style. I can't call here due to my chip stack, as if I get into the hand, I cannot ever fold due to being pot-committed. If the opp is loose, then I'm happy shoving. If the opp is tight, I need to fold. The opp's raise size looks pretty standard, so I wouldn't read anything into that. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Thanks John. The opp had been pretty loose: his standard Opening raise had crept up from 3 to 3.5 since he chipped up to a big lead and he'd been raising UTG a lot. This is why I read his lower open for a hand low in his range. Maybe just post-defeat wishful thinking. Anyway, thanks a lot for your time.




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