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2NL on the SB

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  • 2NL on the SB

    I know this is an hand I probably shouldn't have played but was on the small blind with 3 limpers and only the BB to act so decided 1cent to see the flop with a suited 2 gap connector was worth while. Flop came giving a flush draw as well as a possible inside straight draw, however as I am now out of position I checked was this the best strategy? Turn gave me the straight so decided to bet out with a pot sized bet. Villian 4 raised didn't have him down as holding 7/9 so thought maybe he was playing with a pair with ace/k kicker. So I raised him for him to reraise I now figured maybe he was playing pocket 6's or was running 2 pair may 6/8. The river came an ace so I figured I was only behind to a 7/9 hand so pushed all in only to find he had gone mad with a pair of 8's. I think I could have handled the betting on the turn a lot better and maybe had some better bet sizing so would appreciate advice here.

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    Tired of me yet? Unfortunately, I'm one of the few guys that tries to keep the forum a little active. Always see my post as an opinion, not as advise, and certainly not as "the way it should be played".

    Here are my thought about the hand:
    First, although it's just 1 cent, I would fold that hand pre. Chances are, BB will put in a big bet as he sees 4 limpers. Even if you flop great, you will still have a vulnerable hand that might cost you a lot. This hand is a good example. You flop pretty good, turn gives you a monster but it's not the nuts. if your flush would hit, you have a baby flush, not something you are going to play for stacks.

    check OTF, perfect.
    Turn: lead out now is fine. Betsize is fine too. But than a silly bettingwar is started. The raise from V4 is way too small. I would 3bet to 60-70 cents, ready to call a shove. If he has 79 we still have our flushdraw so I would play for stacks for sure.

    River: shove is fine. No other bet would make sence.

    Always nice to catch a big fish


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      Definitely not tired really appreciate the time you have taken to answer my questions.

      Think you will get tired of my questions before I get fed up of your answers

      Agree could have been a baby flush but also an outside chance of the straight flush if the 6h had come.

      yeah wouldn't normally have played those cards just one of those where I dropped the 1c in and came out lucky, wouldn't have been to concerned if BB had dropped in a big bet and would have had to fold, was such a small bet.



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