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$1/2 NL Ace High Flush vs Quads

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  • $1/2 NL Ace High Flush vs Quads

    Hey guys,

    Wanted your opinion on this one. Just happened to me at my local casino. I know I didn't play it right but I wanted to see how you would.

    So this new table just opens, I think this was maybe the 6th hand. So no real reads on anyone at this point. I know villain mucked a hand earlier vs. a mid pair after committing a little bit, but still didn't know much about him.

    I'm SB with AK diamonds. A few people come in at $2, it comes around to me and I raise to $11. I get 2 calls. Flop comes J-10-7 all diamonds. I figure I'd try to slowplay it and see what happens. We check around. Turn comes 7 of spades.

    I'm a little nervous now because I know theres a potential full house on the table. Still, I'm doubtful anyone called my initial raise with J-7 or 10-7.

    I raise $12, both others call. River comes 7. I think for a while, and I just couldn't put someone on a 7 after my initial raise. So I bet $50.

    First guy folds, second guy calls. Shows last 7 plus a 9 I think.

    I guess I just got caught trying to slowplay. How would you have played this?

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    I'm not good at live play. My poker face needs a lot of work, lol.

    I think that in this hand once the river brings a third 7 on the board, then that makes our nut flush considerably weaker than it was previously. Someone doesn't need to have a 7 in their hand to be beating a flush here. They could just have any J or any T, or any other pocket pair for that matter to make a full house. What would they be calling the turn with? I think a lot of times it would be some kind of J or T in their hand.


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      I think you messed up your betsizing but I know liveplay is much different than online.
      Pre: if some people had already limp in a pot, the pot's gonna be like $10-14. Your bet is pretty small in that respect. Against multiple limpers and OOP, the general rule is 3xBB + 1BB per limper + 1BB for being OOP. So I think close to $20 would be better. Punish the limpers !

      Postflop, again, live-play is different, but slowplaying is bad, always. I would just make a standard cbet of 60-70%pot, if no one calls, there wasn't any value to be had, anyway. You are targetting the hands that do give you value like sets, smaller flushes, 2pairs, straightdraws. Don't let them see turn for free.

      Your turnbet is really really small. If the pot was 10-14 before your bet, your $11 + 2 callers makes the pot close to $40. Betting $12 accomplishes nothing. People you get real value from, like trip7 or a K-flush, will call any bet, people that have nothing, will fold any bet. So make it big, like 80%pot.
      Only when you get raised, its time to slowdown. BTW, J7 or 10-7 are not the hands you should worry about. 10-10 or JJ are much more likely.

      River is just plain ugly. Your hand is almost always dead here. Don't bet. Just check and see if you get a small bet you can call (or even a free showdown).


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        Originally posted by rkleefstra View Post
        slowplaying is bad, always.
        Wuuuuuutttt?! I beg to disagree. I think there are some times to slowplay certain hands. mileypoker: I do agree that in this situation it is probably better to c-bet. inking: On another note, I have just found out about all of the other emoticons available. T


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          I am a strong advocate of not slow playing monster flops, as it often costs us money, but slowplaying is NOT always bad, sometimes it's the play that makes the most sense.

          That being said, this is certainly not one of those places. Always bet the flop here, you WILL get action from tons of worse hands, including hopeless hands like top pair that are drawing dead to runner runner. And there are a number of action killing turn cards here, namely any 8, 9, or diamond make the board significantly scary. Remember since we have the ace and king, a 4th diamond can at best make someone a Q high flush (straight flush possibilities not withstanding). So checking leaves a lot of money on the table here.

          Turn is good.

          River should be a straight forward check/fold. We got called by both players on the turn, at least one of them (probably both) have a pair, which now hits that runner runner and makes a full house. Don't put another penny in this pot imo.
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            Oke, oke, slowplaying isn't always bad... I was just trying to make a point

            But it's often not the optimal way to play a hand, and has the ability to bite you in the a....uhm bottom sometimes.



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