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10nl zoom - standard cooler or can we get away?

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  • 10nl zoom - standard cooler or can we get away?

    Would you agree that it is hard to see what worse hands villain is representing with his turn check-raise? (maybe 55) I feel my turn 3bet is just bad. Thought that if he was semi-bluffing then I could click it back and get him to call. If I call turn and then call bricky rivers is that a better line? Thank you!

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    Interesting, looks 5c/10c doing good 2.5 stacks, raising utg 66 into $40 and 18c and the btn looks short and the blinds look solid. No read no HUD stats.

    That's my pre flop observation, to suggest we can fold 66 in this spot. We raise, 18c goes in and we are "blind" called, good in position...

    OK we need to bet our set now for value on the villain's draws. The HA guys will pick up on the turn raise - not the beluga theorem. Slow plays top set on your range / draw? Then goes for stacks.

    Sort of like villain's play, can't 3bet JJ to a utg open "if we are unknown to them". But in this spot, we need more info on the villain. It's a cooler to me.
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      Hi Swagneto,

      Here are my notes on the hand:
      Flop bet looks small to me. I would bet something like .50 - .60
      BB is getting like 3:1 on his call, so we might see some lighter calls here. Readless, it's really hard to say; but what I'm hinting at is that there might be more in their range then we expect. Something like {JJ-22, AK, AQ, AJs, ATs, A5s-A2s, KQ, QJs-76s, KJs-T8s}
      Value hands that could raise OTT are: {JJ, 99, 55, 87, J9s}
      Bluffs/semi-bluffs that could raise OTT are: {QcTc, Ad5d, 77, 88}
      Re-raising will shut down all worse hands and villain would only continue with value hands which in this case we have 38% equity against. So calling the turn raise and re-evaluating river imo is a better line



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