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QQ, shortstack allin

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  • QQ, shortstack allin

    Villains was a guy totally on tilt playing 40/29 and 18% 3bet in 42 hands. Villain1 was playing 23/14 with a 3bet of 7.7%. AG 10.5 over 98 hands. Havent seen him do crazy stuff, good player. Villain3 was a fish playing 44/31 3bet of 14% AG 0.8 over 92 hands. He was tilting as well as I toke the bigger part of a $15 stack he had when I entered the table. My idea was: flat call the allin, hoping the villain3 would join in. Oops, villain1 shoves. question 1: What to do? Question 2: Should I have raised the all-in in stead of flatcall?. What size? $4.50-ish sounds a bit right?

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      Before looking at spoiler.

      I think the best option is to raise all-in over villain 5 and hope to get heads-up with him. The odds of winning the pot become less likely in a multi-way pot, even with 2 fish.

      Also, villain 1 is going to have the same idea to isolate the fish with any decent hand if the fish has been shoving everything. I think that's why he is raising over you here, to get you out of the pot and to isolate villain 5.

      If villain 5 is willing to shove the top 18% of hands Pokerstove is saying that his worst hands are going to be J9s, A5s, QTo. Shoving any decent broadway combination or any pair above 6's is likely going to beat his range or even have him crushed.

      Ofcourse, if you shove and villain 1 calls with AA or KK then it's just bad luck.

      A guess at villain 1's hand is AK or JJ.


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        I think flatting the open jam probably has the about the same EV as re-raising to ISO. Typically, you're still only getting further action from QQ+/AK when you flat (except when the shorty in BB loses his mind), but with all that dead money in the pot, you need to call. I can't ever see anyone just flat-calling pre, so it's not as if you have to play post-flop with a low SPR. That is to say, just flatting more or less gets you all in pre anyway.

        If you'd 3-bet vs the open jam, you probably fold out AK and only get action from KK+, so you lose value, so on balance, I like the way you played it.
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