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What am i doing wrong?

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  • What am i doing wrong?

    Zoom, no hands on these guys. For some reason it would only let me flat the all in and not raise, which probably cost me this pot. Not sure what the hell hes doing with T9s but he gets there. I've lost now 7 straight hands with AA or KK. What am i doing wrong? Everytime i look like i'm on a heater i get rivered

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    That is indeed a nasty situation that happens when a short stack cant make a full bet. It's according to the rule, I suppose but it's horrible in this hand. You really want to 5bet here...

    Postflop, I think you played it fine. Nasty river.


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      These 2 less than 10 minutes after that T9 hand? What is with these insane coolers in 6-max? over 15 hands, AA/KK are losing me $10, at 2nl


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        Hand 1:, I would fold to his turn raise.
        hand 2: impossible fold.

        You deffo get the worst of variance by the looks of it... things will turn


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          In the first example up top, the short stacked big blind could not make a full raise, and therefore (unfortunately) you are not allow re-raise in this situation either. If you come across a short stack playing behind when your 3bet, 4 bet, or squeeze is going to be similar to his stack size, it is probably best just to put him all-in at that moment. It wouldn't have helped in this case, but I hope you took notes about the light callers. You will be profiting off them later.

          In the second post:

          Hand 1)

          Four-handed KK equity drops to >58% pre-flop against 3 random hands. However, if the limper and small bind are playing the top 20% of their ranges, and the big blind is priced in to make an over-call...then you are down to about 50% equity. If two of the villains are holding Ax they are often blocking each others the chances of seeing an A on the flop. Makes sense? What's interesting is that this flop increases the random hand's equity slightly compared to the other two villains. Given that the turn was a brick, the big blind's shove indicates that he has a monster, 2 pair at least. He may have ranged you to be holding something like AA KK AQ Ad. It is more likely at 2nl that he is just indicating the absolute strength of his hand. I am somewhat surprised that the big blind did not attempt a squeeze pre-flop. So it is hard to range him with a QQ set. I would have expected to see 66 or 55 instead.

          Given that the hand was multi-way, I sometimes check back the turn, and pay off a small value bet on the river. Although there is probably more merit in bet/folding on the turn. Once again, take a note that this guy is not be called when he shoves.

          When you see a check-raise shove on the turn or river it is most likely that you are beat. If you can convince yourself that you are folding for long term profit, then you will be moving up to 5nl soon enough. If you find yourself thinking, "This villain is bluffing to steal this pot, he is just trying a move," it will be costly. More often than not he wants to be called!

          Hand 2)

          I had this happen to me twice yesterday at 10nl, , at least you weren't 200bb deep. It somewhat comforting if you know that a particular opponent will stack off lighter pre-flop, like with 99 or AJs. If you know that you are up against a total nit - who just shoved 170bb - then it possible to find the fold button. On rare occasions you will also see AA vs AA and KK vs KK.

          At some point everyone has a real harsh downswing, like a stretch where AA wins once, chops twice, and loses 17 times over a 20 hand span. Yesterday was one of my worst days ever on PStars. (Mostly failing to see that my opponents had rivered their backdoor draws.) As long as you can focus on making correct decisions - which can mean folding very strong hands - things will turn around eventually. It is also good to find a lower buy-in game when it seems that you just can't win a hand. It helps with the confidence.

          Agreed with RayKleef on both accounts, but I thought I would elaborate on some of the thought process.
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