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Pre-flop KK-QQ play

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  • Pre-flop KK-QQ play

    NL Cash Game

    0.01-0.02$ blinds, 9 players, you are sitting on 0.9$
    UTG is a loose-agressive player.
    No reads on other players.

    UTG (1.22$) raises to 0.06$
    Everyone folds to you, you are two seats behind button.
    You raise to 0.18$ (with KK or QQ)
    Everyone folds to big blind (1$) who goes all-in
    UTG calls

    What should you do if you have KK? What should you do if you have QQ?
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    shove it

    KK is too strong to fold, he possibly has AK, therefore he has to hit an ace, or he has 10 10 or something like that. If he has AA then you can put down to bad luck. Reload, and go again. UTG probably has KJ or something like that

    QQ i would still shove as its the third best starting hand........which is pretty darn good.

    If you win the hand, leave the table with your profits, and go join another table with minimum buy-in, so you have some bricks in your Cashier

    p.s if you have 9c to start with, how can you raise to 18c??
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      Interesting, I didn't expect that answer. Why are you putting them on weaker hands after one of them 4-bet and the other called? Doesn't that usually mean AA-KK?

      p.s You have 0.9$ not 0.09$


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        sorry about that you have 90cents.....

        Okay, this is my own opinion, not Pokerschool opinion, but if they have AA then its just bad luck-----both of them are unlikely to have AA, especially if one of them is loose-ish...


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          Thanks for the comment.

          I think at least one of them has AA or KK. If I have KK, it's a tough call but I'd probably throw away QQ. I'm not a good player though so I might be talking nonsense.


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            No you seem a way-above-average beginner

            The fact that you ask and think about it puts you ahead of the majority

            When you are in positions like this, i.e. its all pre-flop play, then it is a flip, or a risky decision, but with strong starting hands like these, and plus having to either fold or get it in, position post flop etc doesn't enter into the equation.

            Big Blind with no reads isn't easy, but I always pause and think....What can he have???

            Ok.....AK suited? AA? AQ suited? QQ? JJ? 1010? AQ?....just always try and think what can he have...............

            .hmmmm,, if I'm (personally speaking) looking at KK or QQ and its going to cost me all my roll to call i.e. 90c, (not $900 !!!0) , then yes I would shove it.


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              If you would like to do a Sit and Go Cowboy Challenge then I will stake you.....any profit (i.e. over $6.25) split 50/50. If you go busto, then no harm done, I lose, but I have a good nose for potentially good players

              Read about it here, its a great way to learn.


              My condition..... I would like you to go to the Library and watch 3x Spacegravy videos before you agree,...Sit and Go videos Early Stages, Middle Stage, and Late Stage, and you can apply that to the 100 x 45 man 25c Sit and Go's.

              Then start a thread and put your results and progress on, plus post some hands that you found difficult for Evaluation by the Teachers


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                OK, since you mentioned it here is another question:

                Are the blinds a factor? If the blinds were 10$/20$ and you were indeed betting 900$ would you change your mind? I'm guessing the players are tighter or simply more solid as stakes get bigger. If so, on which stake level would you cross the line of "Calling with QQ"?

                p.s Reading about the challenge!


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                  yes I would think differently , as the higher up in stakes, the level of players also goes up......

                  I don't play Cash Games, so really don't know an guess at the crossover, but at the bottom level then yes I would shove if it were me in that situation.


                  • #10
                    OK, that makes sense. I sent you a PM about the challenge since it doesn't really fit in this topic.


                    • #11
                      got your P.M. and replied, post back here if you want to give it a go!!umbup:


                      • #12
                        Alright, I'm up for it. I'll let you know when I am done with the lessons and ready to go.


                        • #13
                          ok great stuff....

                          You will have to start your own thread under the Challenges Section of the forum.

                          Then do it something like this

                          Tournament I.D ENTRY FEE POSITION WINNINGS/LOSSES BANKROLL

                          123456 $0.25 1/45 $10.00 $22.76

                          but neater


                          • #14
                            I will send the $6.25 now, take your time and start when you like, as long as it is in the next 7 days!! Good Luck!!umbup: EDIT Tell you what, I'll send $3 now, the rest when you need it!!!!!!


                            • #15
                              Alright, thanks!



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